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Friday, September 7, 2012

Girl Detective

Girl Detective is a good old fashioned gumshoe.
She's worth it at twice the price.
Photographs have been sent to your wife.

It's the double cross, bait and switch, better luck next life.
It's the old switcheroo.
Why the long face, whatsamatta you?

She's got the juice, she's got the sass.
And if she wants, she punk yo ass.
Hands off the trench coat, jack, if you know what's healthy.

Girl Detective does evidence creatively.
And after her labors have come to pass,
See you in the funny papers. Pray for you at Mass.

Girl detective got the goods on your bad acts.
Let her tell you how things are.
You can start by washing her car.

Clothes may make the man, but
Dark glasses make the girl.
She does it for the love, never for the money.
When she's good she's very good,
But when she's bad, 


that's confidential, honey!

for Flipside's word list #11



  1. And yet, and still, tho she'll ruin my life, then sleep like a baby, i can't help but love her for doin it!
    Great fun, this one, shay

  2. i have a job i'd like to hire her for.... how do i reach her?

  3. I love how you think, and express yourself, Shay

    Have a Great Weekend
    from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  4. It's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it--might as well be someone who loves the work. I love the backsass and snark in the rhymes--if you're P.I.,(or a Fireblossom,) attitude is a pre-requisite.

  5. "When she's good she's very good,
    But when she's bad,
    that's confidential, honey!"

    Ha! Great ending. I love that picture. I remember almost hearting it myself. :)

  6. I like how you weave in jazz and blues and film noir and Guy Noir.

  7. Loved the poem, but the ending is pure perfection!

  8. This is a blast! I'm all about doing evidence creatively.

  9. I love the word gumshoe. "when she's good, she's very good. when she's bad..." I definitely would not wish to get caught in her snare!

    a fun read.

  10. cute. does it for love, love to put them in their place.

  11. Very cool - she does it for love, yes but love for what?


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