Saturday, September 15, 2012


At Summerdale,
big cats got right up on the dining room table;
They leapt over our shoulders
as we sat sipping tea, still wearing our robes.

Tiger swallowtails swarmed around the sweet-cube bowl,
while sailors called from the samovar;
A thousand sets of hooves thundered down the hallway,
rattling the pictures of our forebears in their frames.

Wolves and wild dogs sang us lupine,
as your dark almond eyes brown-sugared my bones.
Your lips had the power to make eye or wing flutter,
and I love you now as I loved you then
at Summerdale.

for STWIASD, with her beautiful dark eyes and her sexy lips!


Sioux said...

" your dark almond eyes brown-sugared my bones."


hedgewitch said...

Well, you can only sigh when you read this and think "I'm missing something, drinking coffee and reading the New York Times here. Where are the swallowtails, and the big cats, and, and...stuff?" Sweet dreams are made of this, as the song goes.

TexWisGirl said...

the first two stanzas/paragraphs/whatever really set a wonderful tone.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Sigh. You make me feel lovelorn. This poem Totally Works!

Isadora Gruye said...

Perhaps it's just me: but I am sensing a little Warren Zevon, a little victorian spa getaway. The mixture is amazing. Props for: your dark almond eyes sugared my bones.

You know, forget Zevon. I sense a deeper meaning here, the dogs and the wild a mid a domestic setting conjures something I cannot articulate so I will not try.

Viva la

Anonymous said...

there really are no words to describe your love poems, so i will merely


Kerry O'Connor said...

When I read magical realism done right, fireworks go off in my head.

It is no easy thing to present a reality which is entirely believable in the moment, but this scene unravelled in my imagination as entirely possible in your world.

Loved the tiger swallowtails on the sugar cube bowl most of all.

Far Beyond The Ridge said...

The power to make eye or wing flutter
A secret love in a box of crazy
Cracker jacks~the ring
Excellent, shay

Lynn said...

Love that line "your dark almond eyes brown-sugared my bones

Mama Zen said...

"as your dark almond eyes brown-sugared my bones."

My word, that's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Big smiles for this one. :)

Some loves make all other things disappear, no matter how loud or distracting the disturbances might normally be. I like that all the outside forces get louder and more intrusive as the poem goes along. But you two don't seem to notice.


"sweet-cube bowl"

"rattling the pictures of our forebears in their frames"

"brown-sugared my bones"

I like that you don't include a picture with this one, leaving it all to the imagination.

Lydia said...

What hedgewitch wrote goes for me too.

Also, I too love Sundays and that Ted Hughes quote is marvelous. :)

Daryl said...

i do believe i would like it there