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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Here's Babs With the NALC Food Drive !

Lambs, I'm so excited! It is time once again for the Letter Carriers' Food Drive! This Saturday, put out cases of 1929 Chateau Rothschild, semi trailers filled with beluga caviar, or whatever other trifles you can spare! It's all for a good get the hungry to stuff something in their whiney pie holes and leave us in peace to play Mah Jong already!

However, some mail carriers seem to have an attitude. Last year, I left 70 cases of premium ice cream out by the mailbox, and my lazy, overpaid, nasty little mail lady left it there! She mumbled something unpleasant about it being "perishable." Perishable? So's your job, honey. Who sends anything by snail mail anymore? I always just roll up notes and stick them in one of the help's collar, then send them off, with bus fare, to wherever I want the note to go.

Anyway, give give give! Oh, I feel saintly now, like Jesus, except with better bust and thighs.

Air Kisses,


(Babs St Argent is the gal with it all, from the late Objets D'art blog! This post appeared there one year ago under the title "Pheasant Under Glass For The Hungry". Fireblossom would have posted a beautiful new original poem instead, but she will be lugging &%$#@ canned goods around all day and must conserve her delicate self for this undeserved punishment worthy task.) 


  1. OMG! If I could figure out how to change the size of those letters and make them glowing and a different color, I would. A repost from Shay? Not a new piece, not two new poems every day? Will wonders ever cease?

    I guess this is a sign that Shay is human, too... ;)

  2. With my memory, you could repost every day and it would probably never dawn on me--though I must say, it's hard to forget the impassioned statements of a philanthropist (or is that felatilist) like Babs. May the caviar tins be small, and no one decide to donate bags of potatoes.

  3. Dear Mail Gal ..

    My non-perishables are already out by the mail box!

    Come on down ~~~~

  4. Yes, I saw all the great honking bags of cannned goods out by the mailboxes and immediately thought of you!

  5. Oh my - I never did put anything in that bag.

  6. Love her clueless attitude. But, bust and thighs counts for a lot.

  7. Is Babs going to put out a book???? You are so hilarious.

  8. Jesus had a terrible bust, but there are plenty of them - almost one in every church

    I imagine that it would be hard to find some kind of food that wasnt perishable - but which would they rather have, ice cream or the lolly...

    (NB - not sure whether it is where you live but here "lolly" is old slang for cash)

  9. say what you will, Sis, no matter how sore you are at the end of the day you feel good for doing good!

    Luv ya, SP!


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