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Monday, May 20, 2013

My Delicate Sensibilities

i yam a girl
of deli-cat sensibilities.
not just enny trash can
can make my bed--
not just enny edition
can pillow my hed.

in another life,
i wuz cleopatra.
and that, sir or madam as the case may be,
means you should have deli-cat manners
around such as me.

if you wave some pastrami,
it's possible you may charm me,
but if you're cagey
you will fish up for me
something dumb and scaly from the sea.

I yam a girl
of deli-cat sensibilities
and a fine poetic naychur,
so you probly want to make sure
to bring sardines and starfish--
one to eat and one to make a wish
if you want to win me.

i was an egyptian queen,
and you need to remember that.
now, thank you for your kind attenshun,
but it is noon,
and time for my royal nap!

Mehitabel the cat created by Don Marquis. The artwork is his.



  1. Love this feline fabrication and cat-spelling rates highly in my book :-)
    [About time we made spelling and phonetics fall in line. I loved teaching the ITA approach].

  2. Very interesting! both the play of verses and the spellings!

  3. I'm reading the Adventure of Archy and Mehitabel now. You've captured the regal spirit of this transmogrified Cleopatra!

  4. so fun! love it.
    interestingly enough, i very recently introduced my kids to Archy & Mehitabel. then yesterday, we were at the movies and saw a preview for a new, restored version of the film Cleopatra, to be shown one-night-only in the theater. fantastic preview of course, and my kids were all THAT'S CLEOPATRA WE HAVE TO WATCH THAT! my work is done, i think. :)

  5. You know I, of all people, LOVE this. ;)

  6. Stanza number one ~~ certainly whet my 'catetite' for more, much more. I yam hooked .. line and sinker.

  7. HeeHeeHee, and ditto for the meter joke. You are so good!

  8. What could be more regal than pastrami, on a barge? I worship from afar the deli-cat queen of (no) denial.

  9. Such a fun read. "My poetic naychur".

  10. Very funny, Shay. You no the rhyme alone would have been enuf to slay me...

  11. Haha! This is excellunt! I love the posh (if flawed) accent and the delicate use of rhyme throughout (patsrami - charm me)and the colloquial language just makes it for me.

  12. The dialect purrs. Feral feline fun Shay. Your talent is off the charts.

  13. don marquis himself would rise up from his grave to read your poetry shay
    i loved and still love archy and mehitabel, even though my favorite will always be warty bliggens the toad
    luv k

  14. I love this! Well done!

  15. Unique. Getting inside the kitty's thoughts. Adore the spelling.

  16. This one just made me smile. Loved the way you played with words! And, as we all know, "cats rule, dogs drool" ;-)

  17. Shay, I sometimes write in the voice of The Ghost Of Missy, The Black Kitty. I used to do her voice and Lex says that's what will happen if I get dementia... sitting all day, saying, "I'n the pittiest girl kitty in dis hole stinkin nersing home!"

    Your take on Mehitable cracked me up, and thanks for including the illustrations! Felinely yours, Amy

  18. I always liked Archy and Mehitabel. :) Deli-cat - ha!

  19. I just LOVE getting licked with that rough tongue...Meow!!

  20. I think this is Stripey's great-great-great-great-great-great grandparent, Shay! :)

  21. enjoyed your play on words in this one, SP!

    in another life, i wuz cleopatra's cat....

  22. Cute, love the unique cat spelling!


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