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Saturday, July 17, 2021

10 Lines About Lucy Medicine Crow

 The dog she got was black and white and wild
and loved the world as a fool, or God does.
For her part, she loved two things--dog and child.
No love for cold or calm or rest because,
starved with fever is what she is, and was.

The dog will dream, the child will change unseen,
calling from their secret side, "Come with us
and speak no more the name that we have been."
Her hair turned white in change from black that was,
a semaphore for fading feet and paws.

this form is called a decuain.


  1. That is amazing. Ten lines that unfold like a secret wherein life is the answer. The form utterly necessary to the unfolding, creates the scaffolding and hinges that link black and white and wild. The inner life of wild things - their dreams, their secret growth outside our view call us to follow them, change with them, love and give so much our colors wash away. That love a message we hope they carry with them in their lives.

  2. Loving the world like a fool does--that perfectly describes my Radar. And the idea of now-white hair sending a message of time gone by--wow! As usual, Shay, you tapped open a vein...

  3. This is absolutely stunning poetry my friend! The rhyme and form add to the power of what is laid before us as a true secret shared! This one is my favorite of the three gifts you have given us!

  4. The form is well-served with these words, a dish that is almost a spell for preserving the moment, where we both savor all that is and foresee the coming change and know it is inexorable...the opening line of the second stanza in particular is arresting and powerful. Fine work, Shay.

  5. This is hauntingly beautiful, feels chant-like. Iris DeMent would embrace and put to music this poem. I have saved links to each form you used this week, expect me to give 'em the good old college try! Thank you, dear Shay.

  6. Wow. This definitely spoke to me, as you can well imagine. Sigh. The dog will dream, the child will did we, all along our journey. Though in the best way, coming back to ourselves at last. Your words are so amazing, I am always left admiring, and rather speechless. I never heard of the form. You aced it.

  7. Well, you wowed me again. I'm feeling a bit underwhelmed about my poetic pursuits. But I keep writing.


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