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Saturday, July 17, 2021

Two Poems/ Two Forms


Stop the crying jag
pack a Gladstone bag
book a lunar junket now.
Stay on the sun side
Moon Rabbit runs by
late for a date anyhow.

Rent you a moon car
with hot tub and bar
green cheese and crackers for free.
Dub yourself Moon Maid
retro your moon grade
stay on indefinitely.
this is a form called an alouette.

"Recipe For Satori En Flambe"

In the desert, find a mirage that suits,
that lives, that fruits despite the gritty eye,
the thing that dries and rides inside your boots,
the thing that shoots itself but does not die.

This is the thing you'll need the most,
a far outpost of the soul.
There is no whole thing here, just shards
and acrid tars to smoke.

This is not as bad as it scans,
not some madman's practical joke;
a softly spoken barcarolle,
a gondolier mid-stroke.

In the desert, find a skull that sings,
an awful thing sick with the wound you need.
Take it up, feed it well until it brings
(from horrors) wings of glass, and salt, and seed.

In a rib bowl, mix these with buried roots
and tongues of mutes in ash rain from a sky
too close and bright, the silver-sharp of flutes
some god imputes with holy song and sigh.

this is a LaJemme poem.

You can see where the connection failed. When I came back the type changed. 


  1. Both these forms are magnificent Shay! You tell it and bring it forward in poetry like no one else can do!! I especially adore the second stanza of the second poem! Brilliant lines woven within many more! I love them both!!

  2. Given that rhyming is balm for my soul, both poems struck my fancy. You are so skilled, my friend!

  3. My ride! My ride has arrived!!! You can be Thelma, I'll be Louise. I love that you went with form poetry....both are wonderful.

  4. Two new forms with amazing rhyming scheme.

  5. Stunning poetry - love what you've done with both these forms.

  6. Your poems build their own worlds and spin away, amazing.

  7. Of the two. I prefer the LaJemme.
    This is my favourite image
    "a gondolier mid-stroke."

    Happy Sunday


  8. Awakening from our quotidian dreams and finding ourselves burning alive – and more alive than we had ever known – in the flames of desert heat. The sharded light breaking our understanding into spectral wavelengths that become burnt offerings to the soul. And then? And then, it is as the world holds any one moment. The moment that holds the soft song of its perfection, if only we had the simplicity to see. The holy stew of life and death set at table before us. God creating the world not with a word, but the koan of breath exhaled as desire.

  9. The first poem here is light in feel, but heavy in its cargo of irony. The second is a real triumph of form molding message into something that wouldn't be the same without it, ie, form enhances and extends the words it carries. I read the rules for LaJemme and they made my head hurt--amazing how you have thrown them into the rib bowl and mixed up this masterwork of nuance, menace and a smoldering despair that won't lie down but fights beneath everything like a wild thing. Very reminiscent of Crane for me. Really really an excellent poem, and an illustration of why form is so potent and useful to our work. As I have said a lot lately, you are writing at the top of your form, and it is heady stuff.

  10. Two beautiful poems in two very cool forms. I love all of both of them but the first stanza on the 2nd poem really speaks to me. Such good writing, Shay.

  11. Whoa! The second poem especially spoke to me- "In the desert, find a skull that sings,
    an awful thing sick with the wound you need." Wowzers! Fantastic writing.

  12. Two fabulous poems in difficult forms. The second knocked me out
    with its language, e.g. "a far outpost of the soul".

  13. Wow! I am so impressed with your mastery of the forms. Both speak your unique voice with so many gems in each. For instance, I love the ending to the first one. Name yourself Moon Maid and just stay. And again how you ended the second one. There are way too many lines I love to pick one or two. Great writing!

  14. I would love to be Moon Maid. I love the depth of your spoken words.


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