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Monday, July 26, 2021

The Last Auk


The last Auk, 1852
was found with menhaden
and capelin
and a series of letters from you.

I weep for the Auk,
the last of its kind, alone.
with its feet on rock, its beak in the breeze,
and a feeling for you in its bones.

Is it the fault of the Auk that its dreams of flight
were scuttled by wings too small?
Was it soothed by Hughes, rent by Plath?
Did it feel anything at all?

It had no mate,
no egg, no day of comfort in the future.
Stuffed on a stand, it asked for your hand
to tenderly tie the last suture.


  1. This teared me up yesterday when I first read it, and more so on the second time round. It's a sweet lament, a dirge without drama, that lays bare the loneliness of all solitary things, prisoners of their genes, doomed through no fault of their own by simple Darwinian progression. The last stanza with its perfect cadence and rhyme is some of the best poetry I've ever read. You are an amazing talent, Shay.

  2. This is a beautiful in it's raw feeling of loss. I love the rhyme and questions raised. This poem is definitely one to read and hold close. A gorgeous and lovely poem my friend!

  3. That last line pierces like a needle. Haunting!

  4. A vanishing preserved by a phantom "you" - the ghost of something else, love lost, a sweetness now dust. How many species are now a nothing unsutured.

  5. So sad!! but a poetic gem.

  6. The lonely beautifully and achingly described. Sigh. Fantastic writing, Shay. Lovely to see you at earthweal.


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