Vessel Of Your Unmuse

"And the sad act like lepers They stick to the shadows They long to ring bells of warning So that the pure can shut their doors" --Conor Oberst

"We are not amused." --Queen Victoria

Viewed in a certain way,
Even a thorn inspires.
Sharp edges trim away
Superfluous dressings,
Even those we cherish
Like showy cuffs of lace.

Over the course of time,
Fitting uses are found.
You can use words to bind
Or reopen a wound.
Useless protections die,
Roses are thorns, disguised.

Use these new mediums
Not of skin, but of scar.
Muses of blood that run
Under any radar
So you can ring clearly
Every bell you become.

Pretty much, this is a Spirit's Vessel form, though I messed with the rhyme scheme. 

Shared with Dverse Poetry Pub for "Who's Your Muse?


  1. Oh my goodness, I love this. Especially those two closing lines. Beautiful. I love the name of the form and must check it out.

  2. That last stanza is superb writing! And the poetry form is interesting - should be fun to try it out soon. Thanks!

  3. “Roses are thorns, disguised.”

    This line down, extremely sharp.

  4. I love your metaphor of roses and thorns. Beautifully written. I really liked this line: Roses are thorns, disguised.

  5. 'Even a thorn inspires.' - the thorn and the wound it leaves behind. Scar tissue. So very true! A thought-provoking response to the prompt.

  6. This is powerful Shay, it energizes, it moves…
    “So you can ring clearly
    Every bell you become.”
    What a tremendous end to an excellent write!

  7. Nice little feral warhorse Shay, Muses are the deities of the next poem, the door to them, the hinge of the entire spirit henge -- if our work is to grow our muses must too. The vestal in this poem bids us find the heart of the heart by burrowing deeper with a compact thorn.

  8. The form is an invisible hand in this, holding the poem up by its gaunt shoulders and rippling it like a cascade of silk. I really like the analogy carefully crafted from the thorny source which is forever working deeper, and to see it transformed into bells is both an epiphany and a comfort. I especially like the middle stanza.

  9. Pain as art is old as time, nicely captured.

    Also, I've always enjoyed that song from Tori, nice choice.

  10. Rose and Thorn ... perfect pairing. I love this Shay, plus another form to challenge my poor brain!

  11. Shay, I love the form and everything within it. I feel the precision and credo of it. Favorite lines:
    "Sharp edges trim away
    Superfluous dressings,
    Even those we cherish
    Like showy cuffs of lace."

  12. Brilliant as expected, Shay. When is your next book coming out? (nudge, nudge)

  13. "roses are thorns, disguised." - Outstanding, Shay!


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