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Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Medea Visits Phaedra On The Ninth Floor


Hey Phaedra, what gives?
I came as soon as I could.
Creepy how they lock the door like that.
Hey Phaedra, shh now, don't cry.
You're emotional and it's late in the day.

They said something happened with the kids.
When they call like that, it's never good.
Acamas will be all right, he's in his room with his cat.
Demophon told me it's all a lie
and Hippy himself won't exactly say.

Did they give you those little cups with lids
for pills to take with their shitty food?
God, Phaedra, it's so hot, why do they lock the thermostat?
Theseus will be all right as long as his martini's dry
and I'm sure he doesn't think you're cray.

So, Phaedra honey, just tell me this,
was it Hippy who put you in this mood?
You've been just like a mom to him. No one's denying that.
I know it's cringey but what happened? Tell me. Try.
You know I'll listen. I'm here. I'll stay.

This all got Theseus where he lives.
He's gone to Poseidon's to bitch and brood.
Phaedra baby, Hippy's just talking trash.
He's confused or maybe even high.
Aw honey, who can figure brats today anyway?

Rimas Dissolutas for Dverse Poetics


  1. Amazing rhythm and flow to this Rimas Dissolutas poem! I admire the skillful use of rhymes and smiled at "He's gone to Poseidon's to bitch and brood." Thank you so much for writing to the prompt!💝

    It's nice to see you.

  2. This is incredibly fun to read - it's amazing that you're so familiar with these characters, Shay!

    David [ben Alexander]

  3. This is a wonderful poem, Shay. I love how the dialogue meanders along and I'd love to know which character you are in the whole scenario! You're at once so kind, mysterious and so uber-cool! <3

  4. This is so freakin' fantastic, I have no words, Shay. No. Words. The familiarity with the characters and how at ease you play with them here is fantastic; an old conversation, snippets of gossip between them, and an urge to want to know more in this scenario. It feels like I've been in this moment before too, you can resonate with it well. So beautifully written, raw, and original. <3 <3

  5. Wow! you did a great job on this prompt!

  6. Ha! You really played well there, very well done...

  7. “You've been just like a mom to him. No one's denying that.
    I know it's cringey but what happened?” ... Oh my gosh, Shay. I just read the mythology on all this, and you are too funny!!! Fell in love with her stepson, my word. This cracked me up from the Wikipedia article:
    “It is unclear in this version exactly why Hippolytus rejects Phaedra, if not simply because he is her stepson ...” lol; it’s a good thing that girl killed herself—she was a mess!
    I love that you called him Hippy. So perfect. I hope people know or research the myth; it’s excellent regardless, but obviously you deserve accolades for your deft wit.

    1. I *knew* you would look it up, and thank you so much for catching the humor here. I added in Medea cos I thought they could form a Bad Moms Club. :-P

    2. Oh, and the 9th floor of hell reference, the locked door, the heat—very clever!

  8. Oh, this is wonderful! You've brought the myths right up to date, and put the words in the mouths of the wise ones. How refreshing!

  9. You slay me, dear. You take a very classic,convoluted and staid Greek tragedy and turn it into a sharp and witty soap opera circus, every character familiar in his/her modernized guise. I especially like that stanza about the little cups and Theseus and his dry martini. Leave it to him to make the dramatic gesture, but let's face it, no one wants their stepmother drooling over them, especially a prude like Hippolytus, and Medea is a fine one to be offering advice about dealing with children. Lots of fun, but not without its darker side, which just makes it all the more delicious.

  10. This sinisterly hilarious in its very own mythological way. It gave me a laugh and a shiver both at the same time.

  11. I really love the voice in this, and I had to look up the myth... to be the hot step-mother cannot be easy... and for sure Hippy got his part... great write.

  12. Clever take on a tale. I love when you go all colloquial with your characters.

  13. Unique and clever. Love the rhythm and humor in it.


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