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Saturday, January 22, 2022

"The Meaning of Life" a poem by Gladys Schlump (CosmicUnicornPoet)


O candle of life, smoking grayly,
in life we give light, even if palely
til the snuffer snuffs us and we smoke away daily
then croak and leave our life that was fail-y.

Animated wax that our bodies are
cannot be kept, nor thrown very far
to live in bliss on a faraway star
something something John Agar.

Realms of bliss realms of light
some are born in Cleveland Heights
some are born in Cleveland Heights
some are born to see I'm right.

So, return to Him who barfed us forth
be He Rumpelstiltskin or Nanook of the North
scooped up in the dust pan of life and fate
something something pomegranate. 

Shared with Sunday Muse #195. Be worthy, rabble.

This beautiful arrangement created by Penelope "Pippie" Zugronski. 

Notes: My entire life has led up to this poem. It is a form called Intestin Bloque, which means Interesting Stanzas. This poem is included in my collection The Very Interesting Poems of Gladys Schlump and also appears in the November 1956 issue of Detached Retina: A Compendium of Torpid, Impenetrable Verse. Finally, this poem won the prestigious Itchy Rash Award for Poetry, given annually by the Debilitating Head Injury Guild of Stockholm, Sweden. Enjoy! (but not TOO much. It's unseemly.)

Actor John Agar with his collection of irrelevant booshwah.


  1. Yer killin me. Not sure which made me laugh harder, the illuminating note on the great genius Schlump, or the pomegranate and John Agar. As always when a skewer is needed, you are there to apply it and make shishkebab. A Shishkebab of The Vanities, as it were.Perhaps Schlump will never see her name caroled from the housetops by angels, but you have given her immortality (of a sort)here.

  2. Any poem that has won the itchy rash award will certainly tickle my fancy!! You are amazing my friend! You can write of the deep and serious in such a way true to your talent and then also write of the absurd, silly and satiristic, and do it wonderfully. Thanks for the giggles, I needed it today!

  3. These words of a drunken poet trying to find a rhyme (in my imagination) are hysterically (or is it historically) funny. What a much-needed bit of humor on a bleak winter morning!

  4. Grinning hugely, about the note as equally as the poem. I especially love the "something something"'s. Such a hoot.

  5. "something something John Agar."

    i put lots of something something something in my poem til i figure out what "something: is going to be, never occurred to me to leave them in. again, reminds me of doulas adams and vogon poetry

  6. Your labels are as delightfully funnily clever as the poem! As we say in Bend ... Too Cool For School.

  7. Ahahaha! "something something John Agar" "something something pomegranite" - flawlessly done. We should all experiment with Intestin Bloque, although possibly might need then to write few Metamucil Fandango form.

  8. I enjoyed all of this arty nonsense, Shay! It's a really cool style that kind of throws its lines away and it really works! I love the last stanza especially :-)

  9. Ha - Enjoyed this bit of stuff and nonsense. Sometimes it does feellike crumbs fall to the floor of what was or never was...

    "scooped up in the dust pan of life and fate"

  10. I've definitely been a member of this school and will doubtless continue to be so. :)

  11. I had to come back and enjoy this again. A hoot. I especially love the title "The Very Interesting Poems of Gladys Schlump".

  12. Surreal jibber jabber at its most humorous/cutting.

  13. Made me smile and then find my guitar and try out some melodies...
    We need more of this!!


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