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Monday, January 3, 2022

The Landlord of the Moon


The landlord of the moon 
likes a little respect with her coffee,
a rose on her pillow 
                                  and all the rest.
She knows she's not loved 
but that's not the point hardly.
She keeps rum on her wrist
                                                and salt on her breast.

It's nothing personal.
No weary argument moves her much,
and it's best to remember
                                             her bird can't sing
except when it's raining
inside suitcases, outside train stations, and such.
Better bow to the east
                                        and kiss the ring.

Still, the landlord of the moon
falters while the factory turns 
and the sun, her master
                                          lounges and leans,
casual and careless
mocking her with jazz hands and money to burn
til she lays, each noon
                                        her heart at his feet.

for Word Garden Word List #7 (Langston Hughes)                                       
and your bird can sing ^^


  1. I have read this twice and still am dazzled. No one loves a landlord, it's true, and renting to the moon can't be easy...I love the juxtaposition of that orb with the sun Master, and the subtle way the shadows of attachments and events move across the surface of both the heavenly bodies and the more earthbound. I especially love the bird who has so many limitations to its song, yet somehow manages, and the beautiful and extremely original use of the words from Hughes. Stellar is not too strong an adjective for this one, Shay.

  2. lady of the moon, you get nothing but respect from me. really enjoyed reading this one out loud, love the off beat of your off lines and the way they pulled my eyes. lots of great sound to bop around with. and personally, i've been feeling a lot like that bird, so i really enjoyed that visual. i was just telling joy how much i was enjoying your word list, and your showcases of important and often forgotten modern poets... well done!

    1. Thank you so much. Next time I am at your blog I will copy the addy and ad you to my side bar because i enjoy your work, too!

  3. As always your imagery is beyond amazing. I love the life you have given this of the forces of sun and moon, love and hate, control and out of one's hands. Simply brilliant and a delight to read!

  4. I love this so much, especially the closing stanza, which is delightful indeed.

  5. Such interesting imagery and a potent character study. Everyone has their Achilles heel, and there are worse masters to serve than the sun.

  6. The way you've set up a chain of unloved fealty gives me the shivers. Faulty from the top down? How did the landlord find herself in this position?

    1. Ask any strong woman who's found herself being foolish in love. I'm available myself during office hours, which are posted on my door. :-P

  7. Wow. I love the personification here, the surrealism, the form, all of it. The last two stanzas are my favourite, such a compelling image of the sun mocking the moon with his jazz hands while she lays her heart at his feet. So good!!

  8. That picture is such a good setup for the piece.

    “She keeps rum on her wrist”
    “No weary argument moves her much”
    “except when it's raining”
    “lounges and leans”
    “mocking her with jazz hands”
    (my favorites)

    Because of the jazz hands, I’m going to imagine this is about a choreographer working with a dancer. An episode of So You Think You Can Dance. Maybe Mia Michaels and Travis Wall are involved. Yep. I dig that interpretation. :)

  9. What a wonderful description of the moon. It feels like a love/hate romance she endures to keep her light from going out. Wowed as always Shay!


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