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Saturday, August 20, 2022

Angel For Alley Cats


"Never trust a man in a blue trench coat,
never drive a car when you're dead" --Tom Waits, "Telephone Call From Istanbul"

Don't drink that donkey piss, Angelo.
It'll make you dream of broken bells.
You'll wake up with a six-armed woman
who keeps her heart inside a sandy shell.

Come with me, Angelo,
say you'll pay them tomorrow with windfall money.
I know a place where saints serve spring water 
from blue painted pitchers, and it tastes like honey.

Angelo, don't you have a mother somewhere
waiting by the window where the spiders spin?
Pretend I'm a rolling bottle and follow me
down the Old Beach Road where she'll let us in.

What am I gonna do with you, Angelo?
Is there fare for fortune under your hat?
Leave it, but bring your bouzouki
to play like an angel for the alley cats.

Music: The Psychedelic Furs "Heaven"



  1. a gritty fun poem - wonderful to read and full of imaginative lines - the rhymes are especially good too

  2. This is brilliant my friend. There may be an amusing fun sense on the outside but on the inside there is a deeper and wiser message. The rhyme is a wonderful touch and as always your imagery is to die for!! P.S. I love that quote too!

  3. Playing like an angel for the Alley cats is very important

  4. well you can sing, angelo on bouzouki, i'll bring my harmonica, now we just need someone with an old paint can and a stick. love this shay.

  5. I'm up to follow Angelo and the narrator as far as I could. This is enchanting.

  6. This was terrific across the board, but this: "bring your bouzouki
    to play like an angel for the alley cats" was an amazing ending.

  7. These are lyrics ABBA needs to see! Great write Ms. Shay.

  8. I love how you take Angelo under your wing! The way you describe your intention in every stanza is just so winning! Angelo would follow you anywhere, I suspect :-). I particularly love the 2nd stanza. And no I'd never trust a man in a blue trench!

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  10. This witty piece great fun to read Shay. Reads perfectly with the guys mischievous facial expression. I especially liked your closing stanza… 😉

  11. A story, a poem, a visual ride as only you can take me on. "Pretend I'm a rolling bottle" One of the many lines I love in this.

  12. Shay, whenever I read your poetry, including this piece, I feel like - damn! I wish I'd written that! I love the phrase "fare for fortune under your hat?" ~ this is just excellent.



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