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Monday, August 22, 2022

Newton's Cradle

 In evening,
you spoke to me through the wall.
"I love you."

It hurts when I laugh.

Tears, like sweat on a glass in summer.

Night, a smothering shadow.

In morning, diminished,
I love you as babies love,

desperate, red-faced, screaming.

for Dverse Quadrille # 158 hosted by Linda Lyberg. Theme: "morning"

This is a Newton's Cradle: 
Music: George Michael "Tonight"


  1. This breaks my heart as I have been right there. And the music Shay is breathtaking.I've never heard George Michael like this before. Thank you!

  2. Strong imagery, especially that last line! Great job! ❣️

  3. Love is strange at times, it has some momentum.
    I liked the line, "I love you as babies love," I wonder
    when babies learn to hate?

  4. Oh, the desperation of love! Heart wrenching.

  5. I like the way you took the idea of Newton’s cradle, Shay, and turned it into a heartbreak lullaby that increased in momentum with each stanza, the perfect imagery in the simile ‘Tears, like sweat on a glass in summer’, and the lines:
    ‘I love you as babies love,
    desperate, red-faced, screaming.’

  6. The breaking of the heart is audible.

  7. Will the pain ever stop? Powerfully captured Shay.

  8. WOW! "It hurts when I luahg" and loving as babies love, red-faced and screaming. So freaking powerful. And spot-on.

  9. That hurt from laughing has to be the most painful... maybe being able to cry in the morning is the only relief... like babies know.

  10. So powerful, with gripping lines, such as 'loving as babies love.'

  11. Shay, even when limited to 44 words you manage to blog me away with your word choices. This is a heartrending piece.



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