Reanimated Lavender Granola Switchblade Nun rides again.

Tuesday, August 16, 2022


 Sunya, reaching for your hand is like trying to recall a dream I haven't had yet,
but still you wait in the tattered chair
in the water-damaged bow-wooded house
where the bulldozers come to cry.

They shove up great golden cities out of bricks and candy wrappers
while you, Sunya, fanged monster, 
queen of the canopy, collector of 
sunflower sunshine in a woven shoe,
wait with that faintly mocking smile I sail inside of.

Sunya sister of Shiva, cigarette punk from down the block,
are you a tin can tied to the tail of the wheeling Heavens,
or Love itself
in a saffron sari,
taking my bones out with a kiss just to show your quick hand
to catch the  ball we both sway upon, under stars, in the ether, or nowhere at all?

Sunya, you are a man in the morning, a woman in the evening, 
a dolphin all afternoon
and I stand in the surf that doesn't exist
in my flesh that appears and disappears
dealing with a world that seems to be but isn't,
and wait for Sunya, summer plum winter branch marigold kat in an open window.


for Dverse Poetics "the four elements." 

music: Mint Royale "From Rusholme With Love." Just try not to dance to it!


  1. You have absolutely blown me away! Fantastic poetry.

  2. Wow, Shay, you knocked me on my ass. This is a hair-on-fire, enigmatic, erotic, existential, excellent thunderous ride on a poetic comet. I am exhausted, short of breath with ice crystals in my beard. Reading this reminds me of the first I read HOWL; incredible, magnificent, outrageous, & wonderful; smile.

  3. Sunya how do ya double the shine!

  4. This reads like a mysterious or surreal character, by how the last stanza is written. Keep on dreaming!

  5. Emptiness was never dressed in such magnificent metaphors before!

  6. Such amazing images. I love "cigarette punk from down the block" and the last stanza especially.

  7. This is just amazing, Shay! I love the imagery and sounds in ‘the water-damaged bow-wooded house / where the bulldozers come to cry’ and ‘collector of sunflower sunshine in a woven shoe’, and Sunya sister of Shiva as a ‘cigarette punk from down the block’.

  8. So many great lines! I echo everyone above; this is so original! 👏👏

  9. nice!

    i like the way many of these lines end with a zero sum, they say and then not say, like writing on a chalkboard while someone with the eraser follows close behind... the whole poem dissolves as i read it, very nice

  10. Wow! I am speechless in the face of lines so brilliant - too many to quote but I especially swooned over "collector of sunflower sunshine in a woven shoe," and her being a dolphin all afternoon. This poem is a wonder, as is the woman who penned it.

  11. somewhere in here i glimpsed a goddess in waiting.

  12. "where the bulldozers come to cry." starts us off with an image only you could write. Then you smack it out of the ballpark with "sister of Shiva, cigarette punk from down the block, / are you a tin can tied to the tail of the wheeling Heavens" which is... amazing... A poem that is man, woman, and dolphin.


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