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Saturday, March 18, 2023

Cottage On The Shore


Perhaps we are emotional gypsies
though our bodies become a sailor's cottage on the shore.
The heart, like a child, gets lost in reveries
and though it beats in stationary stasis evermore
it remembers warm July, desire, petrichor.
Let me sleep that I might dream and feel again the wagon's motion,
a scarecrow slinging duffel over shoulder, on to ocean.


This is a rhyme royal. 

Music: Judy Collins Farwell To Tarwathie


  1. Every line holds something genuine of the human experience and the heart Shay! Your rhyme royal is gorgeous and that second line is as deep and wonderful as the ocean itself!!

  2. Just gorgeous. And this : "though our bodies become a sailor's cottage on the shore." Amazing, one of those things we didn't know was true until we read it. "July, desire, petrichor." Wow. And slinging duffle over our shoulder to head out to sea again. Do our life all once more.

  3. Oh my goodness. This is spectacularly beautiful. Wow.

  4. I just adore this and it is magical and so lovely. A fast favorite... i can't say it any better than they did above.

  5. Some words - like petrichor - are difficult to use seamlessly - except in your hands, naturally. There is such power in that line, an amazing flow-statement. The entire poem is haunting, and just so evocative.

  6. Your images always surprise me, they are so fresh and fitting. You're also making me think of Poe, a bit, with the heart beat and evermore.

  7. The form falls on the poem like a soft snow and each word is one of those individual flakes that both separately and together make something entirely unique. Beautiful writing, Shay, and the the rhyme and meter come across as inevitable, the only way to say it, simple yet sophisticated. Thanks for this gift you share with us, and for your list this week.

  8. The opening line made me smile and I knew as a reader I would do some soul traveling.

    "Let me sleep that I might dream and feel again"

    Dreams let us drift out on the mystic waters. Really beautifully done.

  9. Each line is a painting in words lovely (AJ Angela)

  10. I love the way you used this form. Never any wasted words.

    "The heart, like a child, gets lost in reveries"

  11. Brilliant in its brevity, and in its rich recall Shay — wonderful writing.

  12. Concise, elegiac, beautiful.

  13. I think I do understand ' Dream ' because I often do lots of nap.
    The rest, a kitty like me got no idea = ^x^=

  14. Love all the poignant details you've captured here, Shay. That moment of heartwarming hindsight whilst your journey takes you onward, the comfort of the wagon's motion. Beautiful :-)


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