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Monday, July 8, 2024



Here's a secret:
summer isn't real. 

It's a replica cooked up in an industrial oven somewhere.
Want to know 
how I know
how I know 
want to know?
hmm hmm hmm?

Sugar, I could enlighten you about a few things,
lay out the deets like an Alexa  but with way better hair.
You see, the real summer, 
the one we grew up in like 
wogs in a puddle with our
bikes and Kool-Aid and
sense of endless warm nose-in-the-green-grass days ahead,
she's gone, my dude. 
They have her secured at Gitmo or Bethesda or somewhere,
trying to find out HOW, like HOW, summer? Give it up already!
She's a clam, she tells them to fuck right off, so there she stays.

This new summer, the one we're in now
like koi fish swimming around saying looky,
our orbit is decaying, mayday mayday!
water temp rising, abandon ship!
This cheap knock-off, this ersatz season, is as fake as an Eligible Bachelor
with a certificate of authenticity laminated and embossed
with a realistic official seal sticking out of his man purse. I mean
gimme a break.

You don't know me and shit, I get that.
I could just be somebody off their meds
or trolling you because because because...
because that's the wonderful thing she does!
So here is 
and it is the truest sentence that I know:

I long for Fall, because Fall knows me, keeps the windows
yellow-lit and has my long sweater ready, laundered
and scented, laid out next to my cute sox and funky newsboy cap;
Fall wants me, lets me know that I am a work of art and a woman
in the right flesh at the right time to carry the right soul  and a mug
of hot mocha straight into an October morning and live there.

Now imma cry and bake in the phony replacement sun
and maybe if you're any kind of friend you'll say shh shh
baby and tell me softly
in my ear
about leaves
and frost
and hope
and all that happy hopscotch,
Hang a while with me 
and be my balm in Gilead, 
 my Saint Anthony to the lost.

For Word Garden Word List--Whisper Down the Lane

I kind of lifted my man Ernest's words for that one part. No wait, it's an homage!

Music: Fontella Bass Rescue Me


  1. Wow. Speechless. This poem TAKES OFF and doesnt let you breathe till it is done.

  2. A wonderful thought process and tumbling of poetic words and conversation - I like Autumn is good for nesting and writing - Jae

  3. Immediate and striking, and the truth is, among all the other lies told us by a conniving systemic dishonesty, the normalization of these summers takes everything away from what is held imprisoned at the black sites--the dead body of the truth which we are not allowed to look upon, or even bestow a single red rose on a dedicated marker in true grief. I love the italicized stanza, and the sense that we still have some power left to find, or make, our own truths.

  4. I especially love the "because" reference to freaking clever.

    1. I confess, that was spontaneous and I cracked myself up with it! Hey, if this writing stuff weren't fun...

  5. ".This new summer, the one we're in now
    like koi fish swimming around saying looky,
    our orbit is decaying, mayday mayday!
    water temp rising, abandon ship!"
    Yes, these summers of climate change are awful.
    We have had more rain and more tornado warnings
    than I can remember. It truly is unbelievable what
    summer has become. I don't long for all though, as that
    would be wishing priceless days of life away. Just me.

  6. That truest sentence you know feels like the balm in Gilead you be looking for because ... because ... because it's the wonderful thing you know is just around the corner. You had me grinning from ear to ear reading this, like I could see and hear you standing right in front of me riffing on this summer. Love the conversational style, the humor, the allusions and metaphors, the immediacy of this poem. Just a great read, my Poet Nonpareil.

  7. Summer just can't catch a break with you, can she? ;-P This had me smiling all the way through. I especially enjoyed your stanza about Fall. There really is something special about it and you put it so agreeably. Sweaters and coziness and a hot mocha on a crisp October morning are to be relished! I also like how you snuck hope in there, since it usually seems to be connected with springtime. I like thinking of Fall as a season of hope now!

  8. Sensational. Every sentiment.

  9. It reminds me of a shipwreck - thoughts and images washed up and converging - Great mixture of life .

  10. I love the way your thoughts tumble out. I'm with you all the way on Fall!


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