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My Books

Check out our new book!!!!!! (Okay, it was new when I made this page, but it is still great!)

I have five other books available. Check them out.

One is called Gemini/Scorpio/Capricorn and is a combined effort by three poets: me (Fireblossom), Kelli Simpson (Mama Zen) and Joy Ann Jones (Hedgewitch). Each of us has a section of our own poetry, and then the book ends with a cascade poem by each of the three authors. 

Gemini/Scorpio/Capricorn is published by ALL CAPS PUBLISHING, and can be purchased at HERE.

You can read about each of the three authors at the ALL CAPS authors page, HERE!

My second book is called Night Blooms, and is a collection of my short stories. The book is divided into sections: Girl Meets Girl deals with young love; Woman Meets Woman features stories about adult love; The Past is full of historical tales; The Future has two sci-fi stories; The Unseen tells stories about ghost lovers and the like; in Dark Creatures you will meet such supernatural characters as a succubus and a lycanthrope; Other has one story about gender identity and another about a straight couple; and finally, Circus Tales is three circus-themed poems.

You can purchase Night Blooms from HERE, and find my Amazon author page HERE as well as my Goodreads author page HERE

My first solo poetry book is "My Mad Love; Poems Out In The Noonday Sun", and it is a compilation of 90-odd poems of mine, divided into five sections: Travel Stories For Girls, The Doctor Will See You Now, Clever Gypsies, Boris & Natasha Live Again, and Catholic Girls On The Loose. "My Mad Love" is all new and repeats nothing from my previous book with Kelli and Joy. 

You can get a copy of "My Mad Love" HERE, from!

In 2015, my second solo effort came out, called "The Cherub Of Pierzanie Prison & other poems". It contains my best work from 2014 into early 2015. You can find it HERE from Amazon.

And finally, my brand new collection, "Catechism For A Girl On Fire", new as of October 2017. 70 pages of my poems in five sections: "Travel Stories" , "Catholic Girl", "(What Ever Happened To) Baby Jane", "Funny Girl" and "And, Finally....". You can find it at Amazon HERE.


  1. I can attest to the wonderful writing in Night Blooms. If you're visiting Shay for the first time, check out her books. You will not be disappointed:~)

  2. Way to go I'd say I'm jealous but I'm not i think it's fantastic and your co-author are pretty awesome

  3. Shay--Congrats on another book.

    I can second what Sara said (to whoever has not bought one of your books yet). I've given them as gifts, and my friends love them.


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