Saturday, July 4, 2009

12th Street

Have you ever kissed a cat?

They don't like kissing back.

Nine of hearts, Ace of spades,

Never buy what can be made.

Little Sally fair of face

Carries cockle shells and mace

Tic toc

Dickory dock

Thieves will always lack.

In the empty cemetery

See the old apothecary

He likes Jane, he likes Mary,

They think he's the Sugar Fairy.

Pretty girls and crocodiles

Always have a ready smile

Ding dong

Bang the gong

Bless the sleeping child.



Daryl said...

Nice .. I can see jumping/skipping rope to this ...

my Rosie does kiss back.. tho its often a gentle bite of my nose ..

Jannie Funster said...

Carries cockle shells and mace


you still the best, Shay.

pheromone girl said...

Ooh, I get so many images from this.

And thanks for the pizza under the covers - needed that!!!


Scarlet said...

Little Sally carries mace, huh? Smart cookie.

Speaking of cookies, thinking of you, Shay, over galleticas y café.

Riot Kitty said...

Those first two lines cracked me up!

the walking man said...

What in hell is a cockle shell anyway? Little Sally probably needs the mace given the general tenor of this place...not THIS garden place but the other where it may or may not be planted.

Saw your comment at Scarlet's, just thought I'd check in. I like reading other Detroit writers, even the ones who live outside the city itself. ;-}

Speaking of which I am huckstering for a friend's daughter who has had her first book published by Simon&Schuster.

Megan Abbott a local girl made good. She will be presenting a bit at the Borders at 34300 Woodward, July 9 @ 7pm. Bury Me Deep is the book and the first chapter can be found on line.

Seeing as how the major houses don't think much of this area when it comes to sending authors this way I figure to just let everyone know so maybe if enough folks show up there will be a change of heart and some of the folks on tour will come closer than Chicago.

Anyway Thank you for reading this far.

Be Well


Pouty Lips said...

Good thing she's packing mace because the apothecary ain't no saint.

Shark Butt said...

We donut like kissing back, we do like smelping you to see if you've not shared tunee fitch.