Friday, July 10, 2009


I saw the dead

With bones of straw,

Falling from the sky like ashes.

They said, "Our lives have set us on fire,

And the earth demands we come home."

I saw the wounded

Stealing the bones of the innocent

With closed eyes and mouths on fire.

An angel said, "Beware the poverty of the perfect--

Only in blood is the gift contained."

I saw no point

To such high talk.

I said, "I am cold,

And I feel alone."

It was then that I saw Saint John Bosco out walking with his dog,

And arrayed all around him like a cloak

Were the flock that no one wants,

The Children of the Night.



nollyposh said...

WoW! i so ~Love~ this, such synchronicity to a conversation i have just had ~Thankyou~

Riot Kitty said...

Bosco made it into a poem! I hope you are ok, darling. XO, RK

Kay said...

hmmmm.....very interesting, I must read it again.... :)

Fireblossom said...

I love synchronicity, Nolly. I'm glad my poem spoke to you. ;-)

Hi, RK! Someone who knows I'm Catholic once asked me if Bosco (my dog, to those who don't know) was named after St. John Bosco. He isn't, he's named after the chocolate stuff, but it made me want to find out about St. John Bosco. He had a dog he called Grigio, who would appear whenver he was in danger, and see him safely along his way. :-)

Hi Kay...always nice to see you here! :-)

Kelly Dickson said...

superb! you know i like the dark poems xxxx

pheromone girl said...

St Bosco it is, then. Ezmond would like to be a saint but he's too busy sleeping on the couch at the moment...

Lou said...

I think Saint John Bosco has walked with my Andrew. And one or two times God took time out His busy day and gave my son a hand up.

It's all made a believer out of me.

Anonymous said...

I really love the phase "poverty of the perfect".

Mama Zen said...

I adore the line "Beware the poverty of the perfect." That's brilliant!

Debbie said...

Another lovely one!

Jannie Funster said...

Just another Shay gift to the world.

Gillian said...

Your talent is out of this world. You must be a sharp mind to converse with.
Just catching up, can you tell? lol