Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Glass In The Apple

Dear Stupid,

Please stop falling in love with women who can't/won't love you back.

No matter how much she says she cares--

She doesn't.

And anyway,

People love popcorn,

Paper flowers,

Poetry and

Penne pasta

And still throw them away every day.

What made you think you were special?

Well, I know, people believe all sorts of things--

Crop circles,

Jersey devils,

Spirits that come back

And love that lasts.

Oh please, Bo Peep,

Put your faith in something tangible, like

CSI Miami

Your garden

Your kitchen

Your books.

You can learn to love





Your life is not some fairy tale, so wake the fuck up.

If anyone offers you a smile and some fruit,

Shove her in front of a bus.

It is hope,

And most particularly the hope of love

That is the glass in the apple--

It will carve you to pieces from the inside;

All the more if you believe

In the ridiculous notion

Of someone sweet

And the restorative power of her offered kiss.



pheromone girl said...

Dear Fireblossom,

Please be careful who you love and ignore the rest of this poem. But love with your whole heart. Love always hurts, good or bad love, healthy or silly love. It feels so good because it can hurt so bad.

A heart like yours is only waiting for the right love, the TRUE love, and all the rest is practice, dear heart. Keep practicing and you'll get it right one day.


T said...

My Dearest Shay,

:( I don't even know what to think or say, except that pheromone girl said it perfectly.

You are a very loving and very special person, Love hurts, but better to love and hurt, then never to love at all.

I am here when ever you need to talk, you know where to find me.

Much love,

Anonymous said...

Love matters.

I have to believe it exists. And I have to believe that it's worth looking for, even if the path is rocky sometimes.

Lou said...

Shay, don't let nobody keep your spirit down (a song from Eric Bibb).

You have a gentle soul and will be appreciated by someone in due time. That doesn't make hurt/rejection any easier, but I totally believe in the karma of relationships. As in- what goes around, comes around.

Mama Zen said...


It takes guts to keep reaching for the apple. If I know anything, I know that you have guts.

Beyond that, this is simply amazing writing.

Pouty Lips said...
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Pouty Lips said...
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Lil Bit said...

... and don't forget, it was witch who handed Snow White the apple, in the first place.


Riot Kitty said...

You ARE special - and anyone who isn't jumping up and down at the chance to be with you is foolish. And you wouldn't want to be with someone foolish, would you?

pheromone girl said...

PS: In case you didn't realize this, I LOVE the poem you wrote today. Some day we will be sitting at a restaurant, across a table, laughing at our lives and loves and happiness, looking back on this moment with nary a sad moment.


Shark Butt said...

I'm with riot kitty. But you're preaching to the choir here.

Pouty Lips said...

Remember, she could have had everything but she chose nuttin' honey. I do love the poem. I ditto Pheromone Girl's comments today; I have too much adrenalin about this to sound sane.

Kay said...

How much I know this story and appreciate its value at this 'stage' in my life....thank you! for not having me stand alone.

G-Man said...


There IS somebody out there aching for you right now....Keep looking.

Shark Butt said...

Hi ShayBoscosFoodchik, you not sound like you teef happy. Bosco and me fink you need pizza. And maybe headlicks, foodchik always feel better when me lick her head.
Have a happy day,
your fren, Sharkbutt

Mojo said...

Oh this is raw. Aching and beautiful, but I can feel it. Cutting you up from the inside out. I know the feeling... know it well.

It's why I don't fall in love.

Until I do.