I Love Rock n Roll (and the 80s ladies who played it)

Okay look. I don't feel like writing poetry right now. There, I've said it. Oh, don't have kittens, the rhymes will be back. But for right now, I am giddy with the prospect of posting about anything I feel like. Oh my.....lack of structure....no adult supervision....it's sounding better all the time.

So anyway, today my subject is rocker ladies of the 80s. You know the ones. If you were like me, you either wanted to be them, be with them, or both.

Now, it is well-established that I believe in Joan. *sighhhhhhh*

But back then, there was another singer I hyperventilated over liked nearly as well. Nena.

Yes, I know, she was a one hit wonder, and the one hit was 99 Luftballoons. But still.

By the way, she still looks fantastic today.

Then there was Kate Bush. She sang about Wuthering Heights, and swapping places with God, and had a fearless lesbian love song on her "Lionheart" album. Completely unfair that anyone should be both that talented and that beautiful. 

I also loved the sultry and smoky-voiced Martha Davis of the Motels. So L.A., dahling.

Can't leave out Annie Lennox of the Eurythmics. Would I lie to ya honey?

or Terri Nunn of Berlin. Got to love "Sex (I'm A....)".

And Cyndi Lauper and The Bangles and Bananarama, and The Waitresses and all the rest.

Some have not aged so well, like Dale Bozzio of Missing Persons. I used to be sooooo envious of her. Um, I'm not anymore. Especially since she got busted for animal cruelty last year.

So who's your diva from the 80s, 90s or 2000's? Once a rocker, always a rocker at heart, I think. Here's to all of them whose hotness remains weapons-grade, even if only because we love them. ;-)




mac said…
Remember how HOT the Wilson sister were?
They still are!

Melissa Etheridge?
That is one smoking woman! Bring Me Some Water indeed!!!!!
Riot Kitty said…
Excellent, excellent! Don't forget the GoGo's. Don't laugh!
Fireblossom said…
I love the Go Go's, RK. Jane Wiedlin was always my favorite Go Go. I read somewhere that she worked for a while as a dominatrix. Hey look. Your Lips Are Sealed. LOL.
Ileana said…
I will forever love Stevie Nicks. Chrissie Hynde was cool, too. "I Love Rock and Roll," Chica, and the 80s and...and guess what? You have an award waiting for you somewhere! lol
CiCi said…
I liked Heart.
TALON said…
I liked Pat Benatar and I liked Patti Smith and, like TechnoBabe, I liked Heart, too. And today I'm thinking I'm going to pull out some old tunes! :)
Cloudia said…

good post

Aloha from Hawaii

Comfort Spiral
Kay said…
more of a female vocalist/folk lover myself... but where did Madonna fall on your list??? I loooveee (D) her....

totally thought Michael and her should have hooked up (still do) so maybe in the afterlife...

speaking of which, you know they all go to this cool island together right??? Marilyn is there, Amelia... all of em!

Do you think we'll make it??? :)
Holland said…
Annie Lennox and Siouxie (from the Banshees) in the eighties and Nina Hagen in the seventies.
These three stood out for me although I liked Melissa Etheridge and also the GoGo's as well... but these 3 diva's were my absolute favorite.
Joanna Jenkins said…
I was a big fan of Annie Lennox and (way) before that Linda Ronstadt.

Mama Zen said…
Joan was my gateway drug. Oh, the hours I spent perfecting that growl!

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