Please Be Stupid Someplace Else

Darlings, sometimes something or someone comes along that is just so stupid I have to sit up and be ill. Michigan Republican Paul Scott (Grand Blanc) is the latest human syrup of ipecac to stand up and take a stand for good old-fashioned idiocy.

As has been noted, I live in a place where the best minds in the biggest local industry thought that the Edsel was a good idea. Not so much, guys. As has also been noted, our state has plenty of pressing problems, including rampant unemployment, crime, an eroding tax base, loss of population and corruption. Also, the Tigers just can't catch the damn Twins.

Into this grab-bag of problems to be solved, leaps Paul Scott. And which, of these many worthy issues, has he decided to involve himself in? Mr. Scott is vigorously opposing relaxed regulations in granting transgendered people passports. Um, that's a federal issue, for one thing, Paul. See the big map? That's fed-er-al. See the little mitten? That's Mich-i-gan. Oh for pete's sake, let's go over it again for Paul.

Mr. Scott is also opposed to state driver's licences being changed for the transgendered. Ever. Under any circumstances. Quoth Paul:

I'll make it a priority to ensure transgender individuals will not be allowed to change the sex on their driver's license in any circumstance.

"It's a social values issue. If you are born a male, you should be known as a male. Same as with a female, she should be known as a female."

Way to set those priorities, Paul. If the transgendered are allowed to change their driver's licences, what would be next? Parallel parking?

When asked to explain how such a mandate from the Secretary of State would benefit Michigan, he said it was about "preventing people who are males genetically from dressing as a woman and going into female bathrooms."
Oh dear. Bathroom fear. What is it that Congressman Scott thinks it is that transwomen want to do in there? Darlings, I think the answers are obvious. First, ladies' rooms have flowers and a sofa and men's rooms do not. And then of course, is the real reason...they want to go to the ladies' room for the same reason that women have always gotten up from the table and headed there in a pack: they want to get away from clueless blowhards like Paul Scott for a few blessed minutes.

He said his mandate would be in place even for those who had completely undergone sex reassignment surgeries.
Um...using the urinal is really going to be a problem, Paul. But hey. No whiskers in the sink. Speaking of the sink, Paul don't, no, oh Paul don't.....jesus, Paul. That's disgusting.

"That's who you are. You can have cosmetic surgery or reassignment surgery but you are still that gender," he said.

No pulling the wool over Congressman Scott's eyes. Someone has to stand up for traditional values. You are your plumbing. A black man is only three fifths of a person. The only good Indian is a dead Indian. God hates fags. Amen and God bless America!

As for me, my driver's licence and passport both say "F." Some have argued that in my case, the F stands for "fluffbrain." I say it stands for Fuck You if You Don't Like Me. I would make a lousy man anyway. I don't like chili cheesy fries.

All right then, anyone want to visit the ladies' with me? Thank Goddess for our own space. I understand that, in that other restroom, there are Republican family-values Congressmen in all the stalls, tapping away with their black FBI shoes. Omg. So that's why there's no sofa in there! It would only encourage them!


Senorita said…
Wow, LOL.

Here in CA, the politics are crazy, but at the very least I can say that they have to do with important issues.

Anyway, good luck ! That guys political spiel would never fly here in CA.
TALON said…
Lordie, but I do wish you really could make stupid people disappear.

How insane that transgender should even be an issue. Period. I'll never understand the ignorance of some people.
mac said…
I can see his point. a big bump, right up there where his hat should be.

What I want to know is, who the Fuck cares if a trans person gets a passport? I mean, besides the trans person? How is that any of anybody's business?

And the bathroom? WTF? Me thinks Mr Scott doth protest too much!
Is he afraid he's going to get infected with the trans virus ?

This guy has some real issues !
mac said…
Can I say it again?

This guy is an ASSHOLE !
ellen abbott said…
I don't even know where to begin with this. It is wrong on so many levels. What is the matter with people, besides religion that is?
Anonymous said…
Hey, if he does decide to get stupid somewhere else, please do not recommend Ohio. We're plumb full over here darlin'. On the other hand I know of a huge hole in the Atlantic that needs plugged........

Sockmonkey for President!
Fireblossom said…
Interestingly, Paul Scott is black. Talk about the the lessons of history being lost on someone...
CiCi said…
It goes to show what some politicians think are priorities that need their wisdom and hard work. Paul Scott has found his niche and he will work it to the end. That way he won't have to really accomplish anything that the people who voted for him expected of him. There must be a competition going that we weren't aware of that politicians are trying to out do each other in crazy bat shit worthless time consuming agendas.
Riot Kitty said…
I was just about to write about what an SOB he was, and then I see that he's black! WTF? Civil rights for him, but not another group? What a piece of shit.
Lynn said…
That guy sounds nuts.
Unknown said…
I'm laughing in and out of the ladies room......well said Shay !!!!
Unknown said…
Oh...and Riotkitty.....There are plenty of unenlightened black folks about....because they've had 300 years of industrializtion to assist them acquiring the attitudes.
Ileana said…
I must tell you, the images you chose for this post are priceless, Chica!

Seriously, don't we have bigger fish to Paul Scott!
Mojo said…
You know what's truly delicious though? In the afterlife, your Mr. Scott will be stumping in the Devil's Playground right alongside Jesse Helms.

I'd buy tickets to see that.

I wonder if it's occurred to him how much like the late embarrassment... er... Senator Helms he sounds? Perhaps a side-by-side of some of their more ignorant quotes would point this up for him? Then again, Paul might be pleased with the comparison. (Jesse, I can just about promise you, would be spinning in his grave.)

Please lamb, if you send him somewhere else, please don't make it here. We're still trying to rid ourselves of that pestilence known as Richard Burr. Send him to someplace like... Uzbekistan or something.

Ignorant prick.
Mama Zen said…
If transgendered persons get a passport do the terrorists win? Will it threaten the sanctity of marriage? Will my own genitalia be called into question?

Stupid, stupid, stupid.
Sara said…
Shay -- I think the issue of transgender is so misunderstood. I have a friend who went through the surgery and she's something special.

Making the decision for the surgery wasn't easy nor was living the life she had before she made the choice. Prejudice is so cruel and deadly.

I wish people would educate themselves about this issue, rather than just making BAD assumptions.

My friend was a woman, but she happened to be in man's body. Somehow something got mixed up, just like some people have extra toes or are missing fingers -- do we not allow them a license?

What's wrong with people being who they want to be. My God believes that all people deserve to be treated respectfully, regardless of their sexual preferences.

Sorry for getting on my soapbox:~)
Cloudia said…
these people know nothing but their prejudices.

ANY exploration of what physicians who WORK with T patients think about what's going on is too complex for those jerks to figure out...or something...mad!!!:(

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