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I was ill with a fever.

"Redundant!" thundered Professor Ragbone. "Repetitious! Needless!"

I was well with a fever.

So well, that I kissed her again, until I no longer needed air, or thoughts, or recompense--

Only her, until the seed became a strawberry,

And she told me her name,

Swimming in sugar,

Poured over my melting bones as if they were rich with cream and sweetness and desire.

"Hyperbole!" grumbled Ragbone, pacing. "Hackneyed. Derivative!"


Is sister to thirst.


Either breaks or transforms.


Does as it pleases.


Oh yeah.


Ileana said…
Chica, how'd you know I stayed home sick today?? And I NEVER call in sick!! Perfect poem for me.

PS - This one was just for me, right?? ;)
mac said…
Good stuff !

What does Old Ragbone know anyway?

I can hear Peggy Lee somewhere in the distance as I read this.
Of course, Ragbone won't like that either .
TALON said…
Shay, Ragbone sounds like the worst sort of critic (and if it's an inner one it must be ground to ashes).

This was lovely.

"Fever is sister to thirst..." how true that is.
Riot Kitty said…
Nice! This reminds me of the Madonna cover of the original, from her Erotica album.
Mama Zen said…
Damn! I'd like to get hackneyed like that!
Cloudia said…
fever- oh yeah!

(strawberry, giggle :)

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral
Tabitha Bird said…
fever either breaks or transforms- I love that!

Hey I did mention that I posted your book didn't I? It should be there in about 10-14days so the post office tells me. sorry you waited so long. love Tab X
Senorita said…
Sounds like you're hot and have a sweet tooth. Such a killer combo !
Kay said…
I've got a fever, can you come cool me off?


Pick up line # 1,547
Lynn said…
Fever does as it pleases. So true... This was cool. :)
Daryl said…
Interestingly ToonMan played his many versions of Fever this weekend ... I had no idea so many 'covered' it
Mojo said…
What a lovely way to burn! "tssssss..."

Love this!

(And I think I had Ragbone's sister sophomore year. Bitch.)
Brian Miller said…
i chuckled at the name...ragbone...guess i watch too much arthur with my boys...

though the right kind of fever...

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