Life is Good Award.

Lambs. Some of you know my jaundiced view of blog awards. But this one I stole received from Joanna, isn't really an award at all, but a meme. Some of you know that I am a meme whore, just like Mom always warned me I would be if I didn't listen to her. I didn't listen to her and here I am.

Thank you, Joanna. Joanna has provided 10 questions which I am expected to answer, so that I can be feted better known by all of you out there in Readerland. But you know how I get. And so I am throwing all ten of Joanna's lovely and thoughtful questions into the bin and using Eddy Bluelights' questions to Joanna instead. Stop hitting me, Joanna. I said, stop hitting me. Thank you. As for Eddie Bluelights, I have no idea who he even is. Some say he is a pygmy god. Some say he ghost wrote all of Barbara Cartland's romance novels. I simply don't know. The man remains a mystery.

Now then, the questions, and my answers.

1. Do you write blog posts to please yourself or to please your audience? I write them to please myself, but I sincerely hope that they please my readers as well.

2. How do you make people visit your blogs and to elicit nice comments on your handy work? Do you employ the heavy mob to bully your readers or do you use your gentle wit, charm and good nature. Seriously, what do you consider the best way to interact with your fellow bloggers? How do I "make" people visit my blog??? By main force, if necessary! I've also been known to hire Montana cowboys to herd them here. But seriously, to borrow a phrase I heard someplace, I rely on attraction rather than promotion. I don't try to catch readers in nets or send out letters promising phony cruise tickets. I would hope the certain knowledge that Mama will be displeased if they don't visit and comment would be enough.

3. If you were starting your blog again would you do something radically different? Yes. I would post only in Serbo-Croatian, and only on financial subjects.  Okay okay, I'm lying. You caught me. How awkward. I would not do anything radically different, but I would put more of "me" in the blog, as I do now. I didn't used to. I had to be coaxed out into the light, with the promise of sugar cookies and the chance to sit in the nice lady's lap.

4. What is the most significant event in your life to date? That's easy. When my Secret Crush calls me "honey" or "babe." After that, there are no more mountains to climb. I mean, seriously. You know?

5. Would any of you like to appear on The Sunday Roast programme? TechnoBabe will tell you it is quite painless. If you would like to be interviewed please email me at There he is again. Who is he? What is he? The mind reels. The sad truth is, that I was the last blogger roasted by David McMahon. Immediately after posting my interview, David closed his blog and withdrew into anonymity, where I hear rumors that he has dispensed with clothing and language altogether, and swings from the trees like an ape. But I never credit rumors, and you shouldn't, either.

 6. What do you like to do in your free time? I am building a miniature Taj Mahal out of pipe cleaners and clear drinking straws. Okay, I'm lying again. I admit it. In my free time I do memes.

7. If you could go back in time which event would be of interest to you most, and why? I would like visit Amherst, Massachusetts, and have a heart-to-heart with Emily Dickinson. But I have. And I did.

8. Are you addicted to blogging? Do you think it is addictive? or can you take it or leave it? Addicted? Me? Pffffft, I can quit anytime I want. No, really. Oh all right, I'm addicted and I'm just fine with that. Poetry is who I am and what I do. I would do it if I were marooned on Saint Kitt's a deserted island, so blogging just makes something I would be doing anyway much more rewarding, and all of you are the reason why.

 9. Which person on planet Earth, past or present, do you admire most, and why? Marlene Dietrich. She lived out loud. She had intelligence, beauty, daring, talent, passion, courage, and she looked absolutely killer in a man's tuxedo.

 10. When this life is over do you think it is curtains or do you think there is an after life? To me it seems completely obvious that the spirit continues after physical death.

I must now pass this on to five victims bloggers and pose ten questions of my own, to them. If any of you don't care to do it, you clearly do not understand how deeply and bitterly I can hold a resentment  mustn't feel obligated. Here are my Fab Five:


Mama Zen



and TechnoBabe.

Your ten questions, ladies:

1. What is your favorite bird, and why?

2. Free shoes for life or free coffee for life?

3. Do you have a lucky number?

4. You get to re-animate someone from the past. Who would you choose?

5. You discover that your dog can talk. What do you do next?

6. You have to change into a man. Who?

7. You have to change into some other woman. Who?

8. I am your Fairy Godmother. I can make you fantastically wise or fantastically sexy. Which will it be?

9. You have to live the rest of your life as some type of animal. What kind?

10. You're going on a cruise with someone. Where are you going?

Do this meme right now Have fun!


Fireblossom :-)


TALON said…
Thank you, Joanna, for feeding the meme whore and allowing us even more glimpses into the magical mystery that is Shay.

Shay, I adored your response to question No.4. Secret Crushes make the world a lovely place.

I have to accept this meme because having the opportunity to talk woman-to-dog in English with Charlie and Riley is just too irresistable to pass up. So thank you for allowing me to have another fabulous flight of fancy.

And your answer to number l0. So true...and a spirit like yours must have already taken some amazing journeys. :)
Senorita said…
Spank you very hard for choosing me ! I will definitely answer !
Joanna Jenkins said…
Ahhh Shay, so glad you played along, even with Eddie's questions-- which you totally ROCKED!!!!
(Loved your Emily Dickinson answer!)

As for your questions-- I can't wait to read the answers, especially to numbers 5-9! Those are awesome.

You're the greatest.... now I'm off to re-read your Sunday Roast.
mac said…
I seem to be stuck between numbers one and two.

But, we all know why people read your blog and it's not the photos, nice though they may be.

Addicted to blogging?
No, I might, however be addicted to a few special blogs. You know ;-)
Tabitha Bird said…
Ooh, very cool.

I too write to please myself, and like you, I hope it pleases my readers too. But since I am the first reader I need to be happy about it or I can't imagine anyone else being happy about it.
Ileana said…
I love how you "make" us visit your blog and then "make" us do memes. You're a badass chica and you know it!! ;)

Thank you, my beautiful friend...I am honored that you've passed me an award that you've stolen! I will try to hurry and get my post up and pass it on before Joanna comes looking for it.

PS - I'm a fan of Dietrich, too. What a face.
Daryl said…
Oh now thats a tough one .. free shoes or free coffee... cant live without either .. yes I am that shallow
Jannie Funster said…
Did somebody say St Kitt's?

Did somebody say taking leave of clothes, and swinging like an ape?

Did somebody say we clearly not not understand how a resentment could be held?

Yes, I think I'm on the right blog.

Dahlink, pass the eddie blue poupon. I simply must don mh black tuxedo and catch up on my Serbo-Croation.

If any of this comment made sense, you are ahead of me.

Anonymous said…
*Sigh of relief*

Here, I thought I was gonna need to start taking Serbo-Croatian lessons.

This is so well done- I'm laughing, nodding, shaking my head and spinning in my silly-chair...

Hi Shay
Eddie Bluelights at your service.

Read your post and ROFL
I am highly flattered you used MY questions and not Auntie Joanna's LOL.

"Who is this Eddie Bluelights" you keep asking? Well it is little old me! LOL

David kindly passed on his Sunday Roast column to me when he quit blogging last October. I saw you as the last person he roasted. Since then I have done about 30 including David himself for the Special 100th edition of The Sunday Roast. You might be interested to have a gander because it was very popular - see

Best wishes
CiCi said…
Today I was able to leave a comment; not so yesterday. Oh well. Is that you in the picture with the shiny leather and handcuffs? If so, you are too darn pretty to be staying behind a computer writing. I never looked that good even when I was young. Which of course I am not now. What an interesting pick Marlene Dietrich. I always thought she had a one of a kind persona. Thank you for including me in your list of recipients, you are too kind. Hope your weekend is going great. It is raining like heck here.
Fireblossom said…
TechnoBabe, no, that is not me in the picture. I wish!
Mama Zen said…
Oh, goody! An interrogation!
Mojo said…
I wonder if MZ knows you boosted her pipe cleaner/drinking straw erector set idea... Oh wait, she used bread ties. Whew!

I was roasted by Dear David too once upon a time. I really must go and find your interview, I'm sure it's a blast!

(See? I told you I'd be back. Silly girl.)

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