Two Moods, Men/Women, Four Travelers, Double Post

Every Sunday, the amazing Daryl has a feature called Tell Me A Story, in which she posts one of her photographs and asks her readers to tell her a story about it. Here is this week's picture, and my scene spun from it:

Rider #1: So how about those neo-cubists.

Rider #2: Oh man! The merging of reality with unreality and the presentation of familiar forms in bizarre and distorted shapes just makes me think, you know, Ed?

Rider #1: I'm with ya on that, buddy.

Rider #2: So how's your son? You said he was going through some sort of Chagall phase...

Rider 1: Aw, he's doin' great. We went down to MOMA last weekend. A buddy of mine had tickets, so we went.

Rider #2: How was it?

Rider #1: My man, the surrealists totally kicked ass, but the critic blew the call.

Rider #2: You're shittin' me.

Rider #1: If I'm lyin' I'm dyin', amigo.

Rider #2: Wow. So Ed man, did you catch the game last night?

Rider #1: Game?

Rider #2: Yeah, the baseball game.


Rider #1: Sometimes you worry me. Why would I watch a baseball game?

Rider #2: Aw I dunno, Ed. Forget it. It's just...the wife likes it, so we...never mind.

Rider #1: (shakes head)

Rider #2: (clears throat, pedals harder) So Ed man, how about those post-modernists?

Rider #1: My man!!! (both riders reach across and high five.) I'm all over that shit!

Rider #2: Dude!

Rider #1: Dude!
And, as promised, a new poem:
All girls are gypsies in their hearts;
They have wood smoke in their hair,
Soft boots on their feet,
And can spot a black cat or an easy mark from a mile away.
Gypsy girls all wear bright red and burnished gold;
From the womb, they can dance
In lazy turns like an old country road,
And they can fix a wagon wheel if the men are too drunk to do it.
When I look at a fence,
I can only see the broken spot that might be slipped through;
And when I lay out the cards, or stare into the scrying crystal,
All I see is
All girls are gypsies, carrying chocolates and well-sharpened silver blades;
We toss our hair and smile, then disappear down a dusty road under hanging trees.
And what will you do then? And what will I?
When with our different bands we have gone, and there is nothing but the turning wheels, the wicks of the lamps, and the memory of each other's
Painting: "Gypsy Girl Kate" by Fran J. Scott.


Ileana said…
Gypsies carrying "chocolates and well-sharpened silver blades," huh? Meet me at the Ghirardelli's shop on Miami Beach! We'll toss our hair around and smile, Chica...all the way down Lincoln Road. :)
TALON said…
"In lazy turns like an old country road," - loved that line, Shay. Actually, I loved the entire poem. Soft and sad and sweet.
Kay said…
so, really, who's telling secrets??? huh???

They don't need to know we are gypsies
Cloudia said…
I read that aloud (as only I can) to my poet-mate and got a nod of "yeah, real poet."

Luv ya, Sis

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral
madison. said…
Goodness, you are darling. You and your gypsies. Your poems are so delightful, your visuals immaculate. I adore you. Please visit mine sometime, I would really appreciate your feedback.

Afternoon Tea
Joanna Jenkins said…
Dude! Loved the biker story ;-)
Happy Sunday,
Daryl said…
I am laughing and loving 'em all (story,poem et tu) ... xo
madison. said…
Your comment! So delightful! Goodness, I adore you. Thank you for having tea with me, please come back soon. I am so in love.
Sara said…

First of all, I thought the biker story was wonderful and clever. Challenging the "expected" can always make me laugh.

I loved the line, "All girls are gypsies in their hearts..."

Oddly, this poem made me think of my daughter's dog. She is a gypsy girl in her dog heart.

She's an independent one who travels her own path and definitely knows how to find the "broken spot that might be slipped through..."
Mama Zen said…
Dude, this made me cry. I'll just let you guess which one.
Mojo said…
I loved the saga of the gypsy girls... and would have probably appreciated it more but I was still snorting from the biker dude story!
ellen abbott said…
You make me laugh.

You make me think.

You make me dream.

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