Untitled Nocturne


you said.

Like a memory
Through my hair



What use are they
In the dark?

Like a pot forgotten
I overflowed
And could not contain
All that I carried.

I had got lost
And though there was the whole blank night,
I couldn't have thought
How to put things right.


you said.




TALON said…
Like a memory
Through my hair
Shhh." -- I sighed reading those lines. Beautiful, Shay.
Joanna Jenkins said…
I've said and heard those words so many times.

This was lovely.

Tabitha Bird said…
Oh shay, lovely. Really really good. Your writing rocks girl :)
Mojo said…
When you overflow onto this page, it's always good.

How beautiful...
Daryl said…
shhh ... indeed ... memories .. ahhh
Lynn said…
Lovely and soothing. shhh...
Senorita said…
I wonder if you will write a poetry book someday.

It sounds creepy when a Harley man like Mac says "shhhhh" It's like he's about to offer you some candy and do unmentionable things to you.
Kay said…
hold me? so sad, yet blessed all in one.
CiCi said…
Gentle. Loving, caring. I so like it.
Mama Zen said…
This says so much. And, says it beautifully.
Riot Kitty said…
It's difficult to type with Earl Grey's tail on the keyboard!
Ileana said…
LOL @ SeƱorita's comment. Btw, I love your book, Shay. When will you write another one and include this gem in it, amiguita?? Shhh, don't tell me...surprise me!! ;)

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