Miss Dinwiddie's Guide To Black Tie

If you experience, at a swank luncheon,

Spontaneous human combustion,

Don't play the ass

As you're turning to ash--

Lest your demeanor detract from the function.



CiCi said…
If I spontaneously combust, I won't be put together enough to care if I broke up the little party or not. But anyway, I wouldn't be at a fancy shmancy luncheon in the first place. Uh uh.
mac said…
At this junction
I really have no compuction
to attend such a function

But if I do
I will surely take this advice shared by you

It's the least I could do
TALON said…
haha ha! I've been to those sorts of functions and what I would have given to see someone spontaneously combust - lol!
Marion said…
Love it!!! Blessings!
Ileana said…
OooOOoooh...I LIKE this one!!
I like the word swank.
And black ties are sexy.
So I wouldn't likely combust-
besides,there would be too much
good food to eat and people to observe.

Not all rich are different ;)
Shadow said…
oh, your imagination, heee heee heee
Mojo said…
Nah, I'd be the guy in the corner going "Did you see that shit??"
Unknown said…
I am printing this out and sending it to a few asses I know who attend functions...thank you deeply for the smile and the heart wink today...
love you.
Maude Lynn said…
And, I'd be the chick holding the lighter!
Sara said…

Thank you for the laugh. I really, really needed it today:~)
Lynn said…
How funny. I always try to stay away from the swank. :)
Unknown said…
You simply must share this one with Miss Manners. I'm sure she'll thank you for it, Daaaahling.
Holland said…
just love this one... right up my alley. We all need a little spontaneous combustion in our lives...LOL
I really enjoyed the laugh.