Ferryn the wanderer complained,

"Nothing sweet ever happens to me," and went to pull up the sheets--which were silk, but felt like burlap--

Wrapped her arms around her pillow--which was down, but felt like a stone--

And tossed off to sleep.

She dreamt that her bed had filled up with mangoes,

That bananas and oranges bounced in off the window sills, and fell from her overflowing dresser drawers;

She wore pineapple rings on every finger,

And a river of cream flowed in every open space

With sugar confection gondoliers floating by singing opera.

As if that were not enough,

When the cream seas got rough, she was rescued by a most remarkable chocolate mermaid who gave her caramel kisses.

Ferryn the dreamer woke up laughing so delightedly that she woke the dog,

Who ran into the hallway and brought back his toy, thinking that his Mistress had lost her mind and that he'd better act fast.

He was right, you know,

She had,

She had,

She had,

Become Ferryn the joyful,

Ferryn the mad,

Ferryn gone sweet,

Now, is that so bad?



Ileana said…
How playful and fun! Wishing YOU chocolate succubi dreams tonight, mi amiguita! :)
Riot Kitty said…
Yum. I want to go eat some mangoes now.
Jinksy said…
I'd swap dreams like that, anyday, for waking up at 4am...Which I do all too often!
Boonie S said…
I enjoyed this, and I learned a new word – burlap. Thanks for this.

All the best, Boonie
Lynn said…
I like that the dog ran to get his toy - they know their priorities.
A wonderfully fanciful dream. :)
Jeannie said…
I'm hungry. But happy!
Lisa Ursu said…
and I am going to open a tin of pineapple rings right now.
Could get messy!
Thanks for sharing this delicious piece of writing.
Daryl said…
Oh this is deliciously delightful
Tess Kincaid said…
I know those nights with the burlap and stone!
mac said…
I'd take the burlap and stone f it meant I could have the sugary delights too :-)
TALON said…
Nope, it's not bad. What is bad is when the dream state is more fun than reality :)
Jannie Funster said…
Ahhhh, I just LOVE this!

And for the first time in many many moons yesterday I feasted on ambrosia for dessert at the Chinese buffet, so this poem is very timely.

Your poetry is AWESOME, in case I've not said that lately.

Mama Zen said…
Why do I only get dreams about snakes?
Claudia said…
ah - this is playful and really sweet…i would love to meet a chocolate mermaid who gives me caramel kisses…hmmmmmm
Mojo said…
Gratitude trumps everything. Love this!

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