There is a rock at the bottom of the river
Round on one side, flat on the other
Give it to an Indian, Indian giver
You can't always do
Wha choo druther

One fish,
Two fish,
Three fish,
Pull 'em from the water and
Toss 'em on the shore
Five fish,
Six fish,
Seven fish,
Take out the bones and
Stick 'em on a plate

There is a flyer that lives by the water
Watch for the ladybug and holler when ya got 'er
Black spots, red bug, ya should notta caught 'er
You can't always do
Wha choo otter.

for One Shot Wednesday


Tess Kincaid said…
I adored jumping rope, not for the rope or the jumping, but for the magical ditties, like this one.
Desert Rose said…
love it..jumping the rope is my fav thing,till now i love doing it ..beautiful memories your piece brought back to me..:)
Anonymous said…
So much fun and perfect for jumping to!

Cloudia said…
tag you're it

Warm Aloha from Waikiki :)

Comfort Spiral
signed...bkm said…
Nice ..the description of the rock...love it and the Indian giver..playful read...bkm
TALON said…
Reading this, I was a kid again hunting for minnows in the pond with my sisters and brothers. :)
dustus said…
Hi Shay. Was reading the poem as slang before realizing with the last pic that it was about jumping rope. Felt a little dumb at that point. lol Interesting symbol, and meanings for a ladybug. cheers
faye said…
Must be a northern thing ..
jumping rope ..
moondustwriter said…
reminded me of Gollum for some reason.

Maybe I have read too much poetry and my mind is losing it

thanks Shay

moon smiles

One fish two fish red fish and I've lost my mind counting fish
mac said…
It's important to remember, when jumping rope, do it right the first time and you won't need all that repitition ;-)
Must be the prettiest garden I have ever visited with its words all in blossom.

And yes, i do want to be loved but with three daughters and a son I am covered there!

The aging punk.
G-Man said…
The last time I jumped rope it meassured 2.4 on the Richter Scale!
Loved your verse...G
Anonymous said…
Very fun... Be Inspired Today! Love and Light, Sender
Brian Miller said…
so playful shay...back on the blacktop at recess...and i still cant get between the ropes...smiles.

and otters are cool.

nice one shot!
Ileana said…
Can I jumprope with you, Chica? :)
Got me jumping! My poem is The final seaside trip. I hope you have a good week!
Jannie Funster said…
Yay, git down, Gerl!! Banjo be good on that I think. :)


What you write never ceases to surprise and delight.
Bubba said…
Very playful! What a lot of fun!
Lynn said…
I love this Shay - you have captured that language of play perfectly.
Anonymous said…
A very playful piece--really takes a person back. Even a youngin' like me. Though I was never good at this whole jump rope business...ah well.

Fun poem. Well done--and happy One Shot!
Anonymous said…
That last person was me, by the way, apparently screwing up the posting. Grah...long day.
Riot Kitty said…
Cool. Ladybugs are supposed to mean good luck!
Sara said…
I laughed through all these and laughed harder because I didn't get that these your jump rope songs.

I loved the flyer and ladybug one. I actually found an old jump rope and tried it, but it's hard to jump rope and read at the same time.

Kind of like rubbing your head and patting your tummy at the same time. I just not the most coordinated person:~)

What fun you give us:~)
Beachanny said…
How wonderfully original. I love jump rope rhymes like THE LADY WITH THE ALLIGATOR BAG and so many others. This is playful, whimsical, magical and feels like childhood should feel-- somewhere between Shel Silverstein and Dr.Seuss. Great!
Carrie Van Horn said…
Such a fun post! Wish i could jump rope....:-)
Anonymous said…
heheh.. I remember chasing 'em ladybugs whenever I spotted them.. Infact, quite recently too, there was one on my wall, and I'd written an ode to her :)

But skipping rope.. aahh... nostalgia :)
This was such a delightful read... Thanks!!!
Marshy said…
dustus felt dumb but i would never have known if i hadnt read the comments...but now i do i can imagine the kids outside singing along as they jump the rope...thanks for sharing with one shot..cheers pete
PattiKen said…
Very creative! I love the rhythm of these.

I was never any good at jumping rope, especially when you had to run into a spinning rope, spun by two others. (I wrote about that months ago on my blog.) But I remember similar chants while doing complicated hand-slapping things with another. Geez, i don't even know what that's called.
Mojo said…
I'm not nearly coordinated enough for jumping rope. Never was.

Maybe if I'd had a sassy Fireblossom around...
rebecca said…
okay, i'm clapping now....very good, very, very good....

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