Hello there my little popcorn puffs! (that's a tribute, Senorita. Not a "blatant rip-off" lol) 

Occasionally, I like to share with all of you about certain movies that I love. Today I'd like to tell you about the Polish brothers film "Northfork", which came out in 2003.

I am nothing if not cutting edge here at Word Garden. I mean, give a girl some credit. I'm watching "talkies" now and everything!

Northfork concerns, at its simplest level, a fictional town of the same name, in Montana. It is 1955, and a new dam has been built. Soon, little Northfork will find itself underwater and gone. 

A group of six men in dark suits have been dispatched to evacuate the people living there. This crew includes James Woods and Peter Coyote. They find some odd characters in residence.

There is a man living in an ark with his two wives.

There is the preacher, played excellently by Nick Nolte. 

There are four celestial beings, Happy (Anthony Edwards), Cup Of Tea, Cod, and Flower Hercules (Daryl Hannah), "the strongest man who ever wore a skirt." They are looking for the Unknown Angel.

There is an exceedingly odd creature who looks like a cross between a giraffe and scaffolding.

There is the couple, some guy and Claire Forlani (sighhhhhhhhhhh), who have brought back their adopted son, who is ill, to the preacher. The boy, when he is awake, claims he is an angel who was shot by hunters, and his halo and wings removed. 

What the movie is really about is death and rebirth. One reason I have posted about it here, is because it reminds me of my own story poems. If one of my poems were a movie, it would be this movie. 

The reviews at Netflix are divided. Half find the film glorious, as I do, and half just didn't get it, and hated it. Me? I can't recommend it enough.

See you at the movies! ;-)




Lynn said…
I'll put it in my Netflix queue - I haven't heard of this film, but it sounds intriguing. It makes me think of two lakes in Georgia that were created to flood over communities (presumably evacuated) so that way underneath, there are still houses and old businesses. Creepy.
TALON said…
As soon as I started reading this I thought exactly what you are saying - if your poetry was put on film, this would be exactly the style.

I'll have to check it out - the surreal quality and quirkiness appeals to me.
Bubba said…
Sounds like the kind of off-beat film I'd like to see. (Great cast!) I'll check it out.
Maude Lynn said…
Is there nudity and violence? I'm not watching if there's no nudity and violence.
Bubba said…
I always enjoys a new ditty and violins... wait, what?
Cloudia said…
love to watch film with you!

Aloha from Honolulu :)

Comfort Spiral
Sara said…
Wow. This movie sounds like a movie JC and I would really like. It's a bit odd, kind of scifi and with lots of imagination.

I'll have to add it to my Netflix list. Netflix will be wondering what happened when everyone starts requesting Northfork!

How long have you had "Spark Plug" up? I like him...he's cute:~)
Unknown said…
Definitely plan to see this'n. It sounds twisted enough to engage I and that obfusticating creature I so enjoy living with.......most moments.
faye said…
I hope your film reviews are a regular feature.
Mojo said…
There is (or, more accurately was) a town in the mountains of NC (near Hendersonville) that was purchased by ... some rich guy a long time ago who then built a dam and created Lake Lure. The water there is quite deep and quite cold, but divers love it because it is also quite clear. And the reports are that some of the buildings of the old town (whose name I forget) are still standing, though drowned years ago, at the bottom of Lake Lure.

I can neither confirm nor deny, not being a diver myself.

The guy with the ark must've seen it coming.
Brian Miller said…
nice. will have to put this one on the list...if my poems were a movie it would be this...that says a lot...
Senorita said…
Thank you for the tribute ! I thought that I commented when this was posted because I did read it but apparently not.