Here, drink this.

It won't do a damn thing.

In the morning,

Forget the sky.

She will shake the sun out of her hair,

No matter how much you chart houses, trines, oppositions,

At the start of the day--


At the end of the day--


Distraction means nothing.

Tease the boys until they jump through flaming hoops;

It's no use.

She knows your tarot.

She has your number.

She reads your palm and all the rest of your ready skin,

With her nails on your pulse point

And her tongue tracing your heart line,

Until you come back to your


Back to your so-called

Right mind.

Stop wasting time.

The world will not end if you kiss her.

The world will not end if you go down the valley to find her heartbeat,

But it might

If you don't.


picture from "Picnic At Hanging Rock"

poem written for magpie 27 (because Willow's picture had me thinking about hidden waterworks. *blush*)


Tess Kincaid said…
I love the enigmatic Picnic at Hanging Rock. I think this piece is calling for some music. They're fabulous lyrics.
Anonymous said…
Wow, excellent.
Stafford Ray said…
This enigmatic piece made my mind chase meaning through many places but I didn't blush. Should I? :-)
Tease the boys indeed! After reading this I don't want to come to my senses: Just want to keep the world from ending!

Terrific poem!

Boonie S said…
Your words are so effective, and the picture really enhances mood. Thanks for this.

All the best, Boonsong
Tumblewords: said…
Wonderful - it would make a fine song!
That motored Fireblossom..va va va vrooom...with truth.And vulnerability.Thank you for sharing.
Anonymous said…
Good advice to any age.

Ileana said…
You are so persuasive in the best of ways, Chica! Love it and that movie is so freaky ("Picnic at Hanging Rock"). I thought it was going to be predictable, but no. I didn't love it but I loved that it wasn't predictable.
Poetry24 said…
Curiously evocative. I like it, a lot.
Tabitha Bird said…
Ooh! Hot. I loved it. The world might indeed end :)
Anonymous said…
Nice! I totally agree with Willow. . . this would be one fab piece for a song, i would listen to it all the time. perfect
Mojo said…
so if she weighs as much as a duck...

No seriously... this would make a great 60's retro song. I like!
Granny Annie said…
"Forget the sky.
She will shake the sun out of her hair,
No matter how much you chart houses, trines, oppositions,
At the start of the day--

Loved this even more after looking up the meaning of "trines'. It is always good to have a new word for the day.
Daryl said…
In moments of deep emotion it does feel as if the world will end ..

And I knew, just knew that photo was from Picnic at Hanging Rock .. awesome
mac said…
No, the world won't end if you kiss her.
Sara said…
I loved the ending of this one:~)

Oh, I see you wrote it for Magpie. Another person I know writes for Magpie, Linda. She visits my site...she generally writes short stories.
Helen said…
'she knows your tarot' ... 'she has your number' ... I love the feel of those words. Very nicely written! And yes, it could be put to music.
Claudia said…
you are truly a master of words - like the last line a lot..the world will not end if you go down the valley to find her heartbeat, but might if you don't
Mama Zen said…
Yes, it might, if you don't.
Kristen Haskell said…
I really enjoyed that.
Cloudia said…

Warm Aloha from Waikiki :)

Comfort Spiral
Kay said…
OH! Kissin' Kissin' that's what I've a been a Missin'...

:) mmmm... came by for a fix, leavin' never disappointed!
CM said…
Kiss her already! So fun, reminds me of boys I dated when I was young.
Jannie Funster said…
Oh awesome, Shay!!

Just awesome. Well, not JUST awesome -- so many other good things too.

moondustwriter said…
Hmmm knowing Shay she could take this to an unexpected end.

Nice one dear

you never disappoint

smiles from the Moon
Carrie Van Horn said…
Fireblossom this is amazing writing! You always have something unigue and wonderful to contribute. I always look forward to more!
Lyn said…
Whatever made you write this wonderful poem..thanks..see what a prompt can do!!
Picnic at Hanging Rock...one spooky movie!
ninotaziz said…
I felt the pounding pace - the sense of urgency to grasp the moment!
Brian Miller said…
big grins...skipping to the valley...
signed...bkm said…
Bravo fireblossom, wonderful done - love those lines "She has read your tarot, she has your number".... reminds me of youthful hot days....bkm

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