Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dance of the Blackbird

First of all, I've cheated. I found the photo prompt at One Shoot Sunday too tame, and so I've switched it out for one I like better. As Cyndi Lauper sang, ain't no law against it yet.

Now then. Even a girl not properly respectful of photo prompts must respect her betters, and my favorite poetess in the cyber world, Hedgewitch, has introduced me to the sestina. Here is mine.


Because of desire, I so loved the rain

I slipped out of my body to float in the air

With an ancient prayer, I slipped my skin

Dismissing virtue, dismissing sin

I kissed the storm and joined it there

Incorporeal, a dreamer insane

To those who would live in a body of air

To those who would touch the storm on its skin

If light is love, if darkness is sin

What of the ones who mix them there?

To those who call the serene insane

Slip out of your skins, slip into the rain

What I love best is smooth olive skin

By candle light, inviting sin

Dark hair like dark weather spreading there

To make me shake with desire insane

As ice is to steam, as steam is to rain

You are to me as flesh is to air

Proscriptions are boring, so is sin

What's gone comes back, what's vanished is there

In my sleep like sighs, like a night insane

To fall like an angel, wrapped in rain

To rise like spirit when kissed by air

Without constraint, nor bone, nor skin

A wail of wind, a strike just there

What began in calm, arrives insane

In driving need and driving rain

Heat rising into cooler air

A shade obsessed with pulse and skin

Twists holy love with edgy sin

Desire in the bones is desire insane

As love of you is love of the rain

To find you, I've turned my body to air

To touch you, I've brought the sky to your skin

My mind to fever, my heart to sin

A floundering bird in the storm's heart, there

I've so loved the rain that so loves your skin

Carried by clouds to salvation and sin

Did you even, ever, know I was there?



ellen abbott said...

Oh Shay, you just pierce me over and over.

dustus said...

Great writing as always. "A shade obsessed with pulse and skin / Twists holy love with edgy sin" Love it! Have a grab ass, I mean kick ass weekend ;)

Deborah said...


Claudia said...

ha - cheating...!! but i have to admit... i really like this....smiles

Brian Miller said...

ha. way to kick it up a notch shay...and not just the pic...i dunno, love passion can dance close to that edge between heaven and hell....

Glynn said...

It's all here -- passion, sensuality, the uncaring openness of "desire insane." Just like that photo. Well done.

Kodjo Deynoo. said...

"A wail of wind, a strike just there
What began in calm, arrives insane"

I liked the lines imp-articular but above all, I enjoyed your whole poem

Anonymous said...

Lol Shay hot hot hot! Great word play!

Desert Rose said...

FANTASTIC CHEATING Shay..ha ha..;) i have to agree with you..this picture is more passionate..ALONG with your GORGEOUS lines, you just made me spin on my toes, now expecting Rain at any minute..:))

hedgewitch said...

Dark and beautiful, full of compressed images and tension, lyrical and delicate--I like it very much..I'd pick out these lines "..Proscriptions are boring, so is sin /What's gone comes back, what's vanished is there..' but they're just two among many. You've definitely redefined the boringness of weather as a topic.

Gigi Ann said...

Nice warm and cozy, steamy and wet poem.

Lynn said...

Wow - gorgeous, as always.

signed...bkm said...

love the rhyme Shay and the passion know of olive skin...great writing...bkm

Anonymous said...

This left me breathless! I feel as though I flew through the storm as the blackbird. {My favorite bird and the one I write about most often.} Really stunning!

Rene/ Not The Rockefellers said...

Holy shit, Shay...this is completely insane :)

"To find you, I've turned my body to air" ~ wow, just wow

Sherry Blue Sky said...

"to fall like an angel, wrapped in rain". Stunning poem, so flowing and erotic and full of wondrous lines and images and brilliancies. Poems dont get much better than this!

TALON said...

And the last line is heartbreaking, Shay...

Beautiful poem.

La Belette Rouge said...

Dear Tiger-friend, I mean this as a compliment, I say this up front as not everyone would think this is a compliment---but it IS. This poem made me think of that brilliant Calvin Klein commercial, I think it was for Eternity. You remember that line, "I don't know where you stop and I start, CK Eternity." I thought there was a brilliant wisdom to that add. Love, when it is transcendent, breaks down boundaries and does allow us to expand boundaries and leave our skin and enter another's. You capture this MUCH better than the people who write copy for CK.
Your Weasel-friend

Shadow said...

sold! body, mind and soul...

Lydia said...

A sestina, huh? Glorious. I will forever be in love with the form having been introduced to it via this one by you. omg

Tess Kincaid said...

Oh, SO beautiful. You've inspired me to try my hand at the sestina form. Wow.

Mama Zen said...

"Dark hair like dark weather spreading there."

That's gorgeous.

Ami Mattison said...

This so beautiful, Shay! I love the darkness, the sensuality, the longing.

There are so many amazing lines and images in this one, but here are my favorites: "Desire in the bones is desire insane/As love of you is love of the rain" Mmmm..."Desire in the bones" feel that one.

This makes me want to scribble some poetry! So, thanks for the inspiration!

Marian said...

a sestina, so bold! that's a challenge.
the last line says it all.
well done.