Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Disasters Elsewhere

What is more dull than other people's lovers?

And what is less compelling

Than disasters elsewhere

And the people who wring their hands over them?

What matters is

My coffee isn't right

And you have not kissed me

In more than ten hours.

I am a dry leaf.

Shall I shade you?

I need all the world's rain for myself--

Get out of here,

And take with you all the places I never go.


I was a messenger of divine kindness.

I taped together wounded butterflies,

And even watched your damn kids.


I have someone else do my dancing, though badly,

And I steal songs from the throats of yellow birds

To stuff into my stiff black shoes

Lest they lose their shape.

Someone else's lover came knocking at my door

With an earthquake in his hands.

People fell from him.

My steps shivered and cracked.

You know,

This coffee just isn't right

And you have not kissed me

In more than ten years,

But you hang all over that bastard at the door.

Did you get sick of women?

Or was it because my brown autumn eyes

Left you in famine,

So you sought out the flood?


a little portrait of the butch from hell, for One Shot Wednesday


hedgewitch said...

The beginning of this poem is insightful above and beyond your normal insightfulness, and it only gets better. "..Get out of here,/And take with you all the places I never go." --a line that sums up an entire relationship, and possibly the world. Many aces here, and the last two stanzas hit the human buttons perfectly. I can almost see them, under the dry leaves.

Anonymous said...

I love the ones where i never want to stop reading.

Especially liked

"And take with you all the places I never go."

Thanks so much for sharing.

Lisa said...

*Note to self: Buy a printer.

I might become one of those people who have to tape things to walls.

I F@$#'ing love this!

Desert Rose said...

Damn!!! you are SOOOO fREAKING AMAZING Shay..yes, i told u before! i lOVE READING YOU..TOO GOOD! :))))))))))

Hope said...

I really enjoyed this!
well written. kept me interested right to the very last line
thank you

Brian Miller said...

i hate it when the coffee is not right...and dang 10 years no kisses....not good at all shay...10 hours would be a stretch...10 minutes..ok, a bit much...smiles

Rene/ Not The Rockefellers said...

it's about damn time you woke up and tasted the coffee :)

and I hate instant because it tastes real good at first but then the aftertaste lets you know somethin' ain't right.

don't kid yourself neither.

it ain't right.

Kim Nelson said...

The images you conjure are arresting. I had to stop and watch them with my mind's eye for a moment or two.

LulĂș said...

That's right, it's all about ME and what's right/wrong in MY world. ;)

Love this one!!!

Anonymous said...

You do it every time with so much ease.

PattiKen said...

Shay, this is my favorite of anything of yours I've read. I just love it. You are woman. I hear you roar.

Old Ollie said...

You got style F.B.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Holy Mackerel. Fan-fricking-tastic!

Anonymous said...

I hate to see this poem end. Such a wonderful opening two stanzas. Great!


Lynn said...

Wow - this is so intense. And I appreciate that line "the coffee isn't right" - I get that.

rToady said...

Wow, this is nice. Hits a little too close to home for comfort, though. Good job.

mac said...

Coffee is never right. Give me a cup, and it will be left.

Beachanny said...

You take us from a jaded, disinterested world view to a passionate personal and world reality on your doorstep. Great and powerful writing culminating in that last set of lines. Excellent write. You're always a favorite read for me! Gay @beachanny

Mama Zen said...

The section about divine kindness is . . . well, pure Shay. Fucking brilliant.

Anonymous said...

This fabulous. I was pulled all the way in.

A Fistful Of Moonbeams™ said...

Richly layered, a feast for the senses, most vivid penning...

Holland said...

you describe it so well, I can see it.

River said...

You grabbed me in at the beginning and left me wanting more. Awesome write.
Oh to humans waking...I know it's a far reach and as a whole near impossible but like you I can hope a miracle happens.

Tabitha Bird said...

You truly are an amazing poet. when will there be a book of Shay for me to buy?
Happy New Year.

Shadow said...

rather kiss me or get the coffee right any day rather than show me the earthquake!

moondustwriter said...

Someone else's lover came knocking...
yes he will come take what he wants and walk away!

Strong piece Shay

hot coffee in the face - an option

Moonie smiles

Dulce said...
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LauraX said...

gift....you have, you offer, you are...a gift.

izzy said...

Butterflies, leaves, eyes, lovers and bad coffee- and I love the throats of yellow birds...Someone else's lover
came, hmmm. Really puts a new slant on
things. We do turn corners unexpectedly
and it often helps overall understanding!

ellen abbott said...

feeling a little bitter today?

TALON said...

The heart questions...the soul knows...

Eric Alder said...

You certainly know how to sharpen your words so they penetrate. I feel the anger here, but I also detect an underlying sadness hidden beneath all the brash words.

Some day you will find your new kiss, Shay. I know you will.

lizziviggi said...

The selfish, honest anger of your words strikes a chord. I love these lines in particular:

"And I steal songs from the throats of yellow birds

To stuff into my stiff black shoes

Lest they lose their shape."

Poor birds. Poor you.

Jim Bronyaur said...

I love this... it's so poetic but yet almost a conversation... well done.

Jim Bronyaur

gautami tripathy said...

I liked the build up...the start, the middle and the ending...spectacular!!

Here is my One Shot:
musical whirlwind

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love the taping together of wounded butterflies.....and the stealong of songs from the throats of yellow birds. If I could write and imagine ONE poem like this, I would we so happy, and you do one every single day. Brilliantly.

Joanne said...

Wow! Amazing linguistic criss-cross journey, and the honesty. I love it!

Carmela-J said...

So much to read into in this, love the imagery and style. I wonder if everyone reading has let their own demons influence their interpretations?

jen revved said...

Your work is so delicious-- you don't hold back and you take risks and you love language. so: you are quite the poet, my dear! xxxxj btw revised my Fabulosa poem. think about joining us at She Writes-- I moderate Poets on She Writes--xxxjen

Anonymous said...

Nice write - I love your use of vernacular imagery

cinderkeys said...

I am a dry leaf.
Shall I shade you?
I need all the world's rain for myself--
Get out of here,
And take with you all the places I never go.


Pete Marshall said...

i thoroughly enjoyed the read..and then the venom of the piece came in right on cue.....i understood every word you conveyed but as a man...i will meekly shy away.....great poem...pete

Claudia said...

..I taped together wounded butterflies.. you always have the most breath-taking imagery..tight write!

Cor said...

Shay, An absolute wonderful read. I loved the imagery and felt the pain. As always a great addition to One Shot. Thank you for sharing such a heart wrenching experience.

Steve Isaak said...

Excellently rendered bitter (with able end pseudo-twists) work. Great finish.