Thursday, January 31, 2013

Poem For Love & Healing

If I were a florist,
I would grow mint, catnip, sage, and blackberries.
I would arrange them with red roses,
and blue violets.
I would speak your name over them.
I would deliver them to you with the sun at my back,
in the late morning,
by hand.

If I were a waitress,
I would bring you apricots, raisins, honey and ginger.
I would bring them on plates of white earthenware
edged in blue.
I would make sure your glass was green,
and the table yellow.
I would serve you by name,
and satisfy your desires--
even the ones
you only dreamed.

All of the herbs, foods and colors in this poem are considered to possess healing qualities.

Red roses signify love; asters and blue violets represent love and faithfulness. 


Cloudia said...

Oh Bosco that was simple-y lovely!
Kitty sends mysterious smiles.

TexWisGirl said...

i loved this! brought tears to my eyes. feeling 'soft' today, i guess.

(even tho emmy-lou has been charged with hit and run...)

G-Man said...

If I were a poet....
I would long to be as creative, and to write as beautifully as YOU!

hedgewitch said...

Beautiful, Shay.

Kerry O'Connor said...

Gorgeous. A poem which is also a gift.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

So lovely, tender and loving. Anyone would be thrilled to receive such a bouquet, such a meal and such a poem.

When I saw the title my first thought was: am I rubbing off on you? Hee hee.

Anonymous said...

and may the healing energies flow forth!

The Superfluous Blogger said...

if i were a shopper, i would buy those things for you put them on your doorstep because i'm not that good at giving gifts.

i'm going to go eat some raisins now that they have been deemed healthy, thanks!

Grace said...

Love this post, the florist and the waitress serving and giving ~

Anonymous said...

Poets, the really good ones, know how to make the most unbelievably delicious promises. But I wonder, do they ever truly deliver? And for how long might they maintain such devotion? This poem is so yummy and so fragrant that I sense you could make almost anyone fall in love with you, if you so chose. Your words could be a very dangerous magic if you desired to work your spells for evil. But if your words are true and your heart pure, your love must have the power to devour, disintegrate, and recreate all those you hold dear. You and your poetry are devilishly divine.

And these, sweet Shay, are my absolute favorite lines:

"I would grow mint, catnip, sage, and blackberries."

"I would speak your name over them."

"I would bring you apricots, raisins, honey and ginger."

"white earthenware
edged in blue"

"I would serve you by name" This name thing is a big deal. It implies knowing someone completely and being focused on only her, making sure she knows that. That's why you've said this twice. She is the singular woman you love.

"and satisfy your desires--
even the ones
you only dreamed."

Incredible work. We are all going to cry many a tear when you return to your job.

Mama Zen said...

Just . . . sigh.

Hannah said... this...this love poem is MAGIC, Shay. *Sigh

nene said...

Your heart is tender and lovely, your creative mind follows.

If I was offered a gift from you I would prepare a place for it where it was always within sight and within reach of my hand whenever I wish to hold it tight.


faye said...

Love it ...
not that keen on flowers, but you
could be my waitress anytime.