Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Perspectives Of An Idiot

The perspectives of an idiot
may a certain beauty bear--
as a sorceress in stocks, under questioning and locks,
shorn of her hair,
fed on flung incivilities, poxy blackbirds in the air--

Tell us.
Do not reject the embrace of mercy.
Confess to us
what you are capable of; healing, harlotry and heresy...

The choreography of the somber
may dark comedy conceal--
as a seductress sent to ash, under pretense, purpose and mask,
purified by flame,
removed from those grinning cretins who call hypocrisy by name.

photograph: Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil

tongue-in-cheek musical accompaniment 



Lolamouse said...

Creepy photo! Seems like the perspectives of idiots run rampant these days! Women who can't be tamed have always been feared.

hedgewitch said...

'Talk to me,' baby. Not that anyone ever said you were the kind to bite her tongue. I love the whole thing, of course, but the first stanza is the most bald-making (in keeping with the play on locks and shorn hair)while the choreography lines are measured and scathing. The rhyme here is the chocolate coating over the poison pill--my favorite is ash/mask. in fact that whole phrase--'under pretense,purpose and mask, purified by flame...' is pretty flooring.

Lynn said...

It's chilling!

Anonymous said...

GREAT song choice, SP!

this poem is bewitchingly brilliant!

Mama Zen said...

This does everything but growl!

Sioux said...

YOU do tongue and cheek? What a surprise. ;) The music is a perfect musical choice.

I loved the "stocks and locks" pair.

Anonymous said...

Ha! That is awesome. Love these lines:

"fed on flung incivilities, poxy blackbirds in the air"

"Confess to us
what you are capable of; healing, harlotry and heresy"

"The choreography of the somber
may dark comedy conceal"

Anonymous said...

Did you see I made another list?

HermanTurnip said...

Beautiful! My mind was reading this like a Shakespeare play :-)

ellen abbott said...

good one

Cloudia said...

gotta stay out of their clutches, always known that....

Happy Aloha to YOU
from Honolulu,
Comfort Spiral
~ > < } } ( ° >
> < } } ( ° >

Shadow said...

a certain beauty sure, but rather than locks, i'd rather keep them under lock and key, hee hee hee

Roselie said...

Great one!It's now one of my favorites...:)

Kerry O'Connor said...

Oh this is fantastic! The form you have chosen really rocks, and I like how you switched it up in the middle stanza. You have the ability to take the preconceived and upturn it in our palms.

Hannah said...

I was just fixing to write to one of Jasmine's lists and found you in my inbox with this one!! Wow. The tone in this is intimidating and the word usage throughout is rich...I don't even know what the words were but you've spun an amazing piece with them!! Funny, I just, literally just titled the piece I wrote for you, "Perspective."

Excellent poem, Shay!! xo