A Word From Fastblossom

Hello, readers. Let me introduce myself. You all know the moderator here, Catblossom. Well, I am Catblossom's out-of-town cousin, Fastblossom. How do you do?

It has come to my attention that Fireblossom doesn't have a poem to share with you tonight. Not even one teensy weensy haiku. Not even an entry for The Big Pop-Up Golden Treasury Of Torpid Doggerel. Alarming!

In the wild, Fireblossom would probably be eaten by a crocodile, but here, she will probably just crank out something in the morning. Something immortal, like a collection of sonnets about adhesives. We'll all be on tenterhooks.

Until then, please bear with the absence of poetry tonight. If you like, you are all invited to join me in chasing down some small game, and then I'll look forward to seeing everyone at the afterglow party at Club Spots!

Yours truly,




Sioux Roslawski said…
OMG. Shay is taking the day off?

She might be human after all...;)
hedgewitch said…
I don't know. I feel this belongs to the Old Possum's Book of Peculiar Cats school of poetry, myself. So I am considering that Ms. Blossom, in whatever feline guise, has fulfilled all obligations in the authorial sphere for the day.
Lynn said…
So many blossoms - all fun. :)
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Cackling. (which makes me think of what Lisa said the other day when I said I want a crystal ball: "NO! You CANT sit cackling beside a crystal ball!" hee hee. Oh, but I can!!!!! I wont seek my future in it, though, as I fear the news might be bad.
Mama Zen said…
Fastblossom, you are poetry just sitting there!
Kerridwen said…
Amazing picture - I love cheetahs so so much. So beautiful..

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