In The Graveyard

In the graveyard,
I found lots to do.
I did it, and did it fine, several times and
without you.

In the graveyard,
I made a totem, out of oak leaves and sticks.
I woke Kathryn, wife and mother,
and together, we hit the bricks.

"Kath, babe," I said, as we sprung the grounds crew's traps,
"Wear my jacket. Feel the leather. It's your size."
Then we danced on the roof of the grounds crew's shack,
and that was a lively enterprise.

Later, by the chain link fence,
I held Kath's head on my lap.
I leaned down and kissed her, Mister Kath, Son of Kath.
Now, what d'you think about that?

That evening, by the mausoleum,
she confided that she rarely sees 'em.
Fair enough, quoth Kath, while kicking her feet;
it's been years and years since they saw me.

Boo. It's us. The graveyard girls from plot forty-five.
Dirty as bird's nests, slipping out the gate,
devil-may-care, revived, alive,
with wive's tales to perpetuate.



TexWisGirl said…
i like it. free.
Steve King said…
I love the imagination here, and the sense of real life. It moves so well, a pleasure to re-read.
Steve K.
G-Man said…
The Graveyard Girls.
Sounds like a female Goth group!
Susan said…
Perpetrate, percolate, perambulate-- girls from cemetery plot #45--but please don't hurl yourself against the wall!
hedgewitch said…
I love the 'enterprise' stanza--a new step in the danse macabre. Some of this, I confess, I don't understand, but all of it, I like.
The graveyerd girls from plot 45 finally having their fun! Love it.
Cloudia said…
Wives tales to perpetuate. . . lots to do!

Like it much

ALOHA from Honolulu

=^..^= <3

Anonymous said…
Well, it's pretty tough to top Zevon and headstones, innit?
How do I sign up, Fireblossom?

I've know MZ for quite a few years, but I've been on hiatus while a full-time caregiver to my mother who has now passed and my 86 year-old father with vascular dementia.

Would love to give it a try. Oh, came here from Mr. G.'s whom I've met through MZ and read the news.

Petra :))

Ella said…
You remind me of a scary movie I saw. I still can remember the panic-partying in a graveyard. stones. I love the haste in your girls!
M. A. S. said…
I love the opening line. I love the Warren Zevon (I could so much see this on a Warren Zevon album). And i love the Ponies. My daughters always find My Little Pony Videos with different music to them (I know that particular episode well, though I don't think they've found this version.
Anonymous said…
Wonderful! Love the freedom.
Mama Zen said…
That'll teach 'em not to visit!
Margaret said…
This runs like a crazy rock video in my head - not fully understanding, but fascinated with it non-the-less (that's how I felt when MTV first came out … yes, I'm that old :)

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