I wanted to walk with you, but
I can walk alone.
You ever walk alone?
Nah, dint think so.

For a long time, every time I looked at you,
I saw
water for the thirsty,
and I was always parched.

Dint matter
if you got skinny, got fat.
Dint matter
what you said, it made my ears cock like I was back in the pack.

Guess you didn't want a woman who thought you were all that.
Guess you didn't want a woman who wanted you
like that.
Guess you didn't want a woman,
and I'm a woman--
one who would have told you all the redfire in her heart,
and never have taken it back.

I wanted to walk with you, but
I can walk alone.
You ever walk alone?
Didn't think so.

for Susie's Taking it To The Streets challenge at Real Toads. I hope this fits the bill.  


Susie Clevenger said…
"Not the Jackass whisperer" Love it!! It sounds like she didn't know what she missed by not having you walk with her. Thanks for taking part in the challenge!
TexWisGirl said…
walk on, sister. :)
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I so adore the "jackass whisperer" sign. I might need to poach it for my facebook, tho that could set me up for more drama which I dont need........You have captured the tone in this poem to perfection. Of course, since it's you writing it. I so know the feeling.
De Jackson said…
LOVE the sign. And the poem.
hedgewitch said…
So, this is 'the thylacine that walks alone,' poem, and the ones who never do are afraid to, the ones who can only walk one way on a two way street because they might get looked at funny--so screw them, anyway. I love it all but especially the redfire.
HermanTurnip said…
Keep that head held high and walk on!
Marian said…
guess you didn't want a woman,
and I'm a woman--

oh sigh. ain't I? yeah.
Margaret said…
The short street poem made me laugh out loud and
the "Walk" made me do a 180… It might appear flippant, but I feel sadness in the prodding.
Jennifer Wagner said…
I think it's best to "walk" when admiration and affection isn't acknowledged or reciprocated. It can be so hard to let go of wanting it though...
Jennifer Wagner said…
*aren't acknowledged -ha
Cloudia said…
Confidence is evolving from swagger.

Heft and weight. I like this gravity.

Kerry O'Connor said…
I'm sending that pic to my daughter (who's having "boy problems"). It is such a great reminder that we have to put up with jackasses only some of the time and only if we want to.

You carry that message through to your lines and tell of the disappointments of love. Of course, a Gemini woman always knows whose loss it is (and it's never ours).

Sumana Roy said…
i enjoyed the freedom here...
Sioux Roslawski said…
As is always the case, I bow down to you...
Kathryn Dyche said…
Love the sign, made me smile. :0) Some people never know what it is to walk alone.
Jannie Funster said…
And when water for the parched hits that redfire it sure do sizzle and hiss.

I like that "back in the pack" feeling! I know it well. :)

Unknown said…
The heartfelt truth rises in each line. Attraction, dejection and realization it was never meant to be.
Sara said…
I like swagger in this one. That's the way it read:~)
Anonymous said…
I like the twang of 'dint think so', even if it's a bit mournful ~
Mama Zen said…
This just WORKS. Love this, Shay.
Love the sign,
love your post ☺
Thanks for sharing

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