My Bear

My bear
is bigger than your bullshit.

My bear
might stick his nose where it makes you real nervous;
maybe he bite your thing off, maybe he just sayin' hi.

D'joo bring honey for my bear?
My bear gets bored, you'll wish you'd not forgot.

My bear
got claws as long as all next week.
He lets me paint 'em and he don't care.

He's a bear, weigh um-thousand pounds.
Who's gonna say anything?

You say, mind if I open a window?
I say, yeah, I mind.
You say, wut? 
You say, you were just being polite.
You say, you could just open the damn window if you want.

I say, I could just close it again.
Me and my bear.
We like the place warm and stinky, or the bear gets cranky.

How come nobody loves me for long?
Could be my big mouth or my particular ways or my hair.
Couldn't be my bear. 



Mama Zen said…
I really need a bear . . .
TexWisGirl said…
we all have a bear inside...
Sioux Roslawski said…
This my favorite poem of yours...about bears...that I've read tonight.

Every friggin' day, I read a NEW favorite.

And I can't help telling my bear story. When I was 18 I spent the summer in Yellowstone Park, working at a gift shop. On a way-too-frequent basis, people would try to pose their kids on top of a bear or next to a bear cub, etc. and then there'd be an "incident" and the bear would have to get air-lifted to a new place (a place free from idiotic people).
Cloudia said…
No Poke Da Bear!

ALOHA from Honolulu

=^..^= <3
hedgewitch said…
Yep, couldn't be the bear. Or that Viking bikini outfit, either, because they both rock--must just be a bad vibe in some buzzkill clown's brain. The bear is not responsible for idiots.
Couldn't be the bear- the bear and that chick have it all goin on!
Kerry O'Connor said…
Oh, I love this poem, Shay! (Maybe because I have a dog as big as a small bear, I dunno)But I'd like to cut it out and tack it to my study wall above the chair my dog-bear sleeps in.

Sherry Blue Sky said…

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