Two Questions and a Riddle

Hello, young lady,
and what are you?
"I am the answer
to five times two."

Ten year old, ten times--
a hundred and a day!
Light as a dandy seed
with wishes on the way.

Hello, young lady,
and who is your cat?
An African lion--
what do you think of that?!

I think if he fancies fish,
then send him off to school.
Wrap a napkin 'round his neck
in case he starts to drool.

If a bully bumps your books,
your lion can defend!
Bully down the lion's mouth,
then out the other end!

Farewell, young lady,
and to your lion too!
What's ten and has six legs?
Your kitty cat and you.

Written for Margaret's children's verse challenge at Real Toads.


hedgewitch said…
I almost used this pic--such a kool kat. He infinitely suits your feline fantasy for young things. I love the counting element, and the images are pure Fireblossom. I especially like the fate of the bully. And yes, cats *do* think they're lions. (Or do they know?)
Sioux Roslawski said…
For a moment I thought you had made the piece of cat art, and then I was going to have a hissy fit. You can write AND create paper art like this?

Then I was able to calm down...

Yes, bullies down the lion's throat WOULD be the perfect end for them.
Kerry O'Connor said…
Lovely, lovely!! This is like a conversation with young Fireblossom, whose passion for big cats began back in primary (junior?)school!

humbird said…
Love the poem and this cat-lion image, the video - cool too! :)
Anonymous said…
awww - hope that bully didn't give the lion indigestion ~
WoW and wonderful !
Maude Lynn said…
This is Baby Puppy. I am honestly speechless. This made my day. I just really like it. It's really creative.
Margaret said…
Can't help but think this is part of your autobiography :) …and that you tube video … ha ha ha ha ha. Can;t wait to show my 6 year old son this whole post tomorrow - the delicately put "…then out the other end" will be fun to share with him. I'll let you know his reaction.