Friday, November 20, 2009

Moon Rabbit

In a dream I saw a face

Which was half the moon and

Half a woman's face.

I said, "You are so beautiful."

She said, "I am dying."

In a lake, at night, in summer,

We swam naked;

I offered myself just below the surface,

She did the same for me from just above.

I relaxed and let my body float up--

She let herself float down;

And when we met,

We called that making love.

Now, I am as still as the stars in the moment of a kiss--

I am not all I wanted to be,

But I am more than I was before that night.

"Darling," I whispered, "I don't want you to leave."

She wrapped herself around me and said, "I already have..."

So I gave her a garland of poems and a touch of fingertips,

And sweetly lied that I would be all right.

Thanks to Cloudia, who introduced me to the story of Chang-O and the Moon Rabbit. I have taken certain liberties with it here.


Sepiru Chris said...

Well done, Cloudia. Great seed you planted. And well done, Fireblossom. What a garden you have grown from that seed.

I like the liberties, Fireblossom, and this story puts a different perspective on being followed by moon shadow.

No wonder Cat had to leave the building; with a hase like that little kitties get burned--cool moon kisses are like that, I hear.

Nice lie, though.


* let's body move with the music *

(hint, relates to the response I left to your last response at my e-casa)

ellen abbott said...

Again. You did it again.

Riot Kitty said...

Very beautiful and sad.

Dulce said...

Making love to the moon...WOW
And that lying to Death...WOW

You and those ways of yours astound me.
I can see it all.
So beautiful!

Kay said...

oh, serene serrender... how I know thy words

Shadow said...

what magic.... your writing is beautiful shay!

Lil Red said...

I love how you add your magic to everything you touch. You are a brilliant poet, my friend! xo

Blue Bunny said...

How sweet and sad and moving.

Reminds me of the "garland of freshly-cut tears."

Jannie Funster said...

Whooops, I think my "bloging manigir" just signed in under my account, which he (she?) is wont to do.

I agree with blue bunny, another masterpiece poem.

Cloudia said...

We are members of the Chang-O fan club you & I, Shay!

Aloha, Friend!

Comfort Spiral

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Oh Moon faced be alright, and yet know that each night I see you in my dreams, out my window, in the night sky. I see you, feel you, hope you and your words will hold me still in my heart.

So much love!

The Subversive Librarian said...

This is lovely! And I like Daphne, too!

Daryl said...

Lovely ..

RachelW said...

Oh, another one. This is amazing. You've stolen my breath!

Vesper said...

And sweetly lied that I would be all right.

Amazing images and thoughts in here, Shay, gently heartbreaking...

Pouty Lips said...

I feel like I'm in a Chagall-like fantasy.