Thursday, January 6, 2011

House Of Wax

He moved her into a house filled with spirits,

Then brought in that gloomy, ring-eyed excorcist

Before she'd had the chance to sleep with half of them.

No wonder he fell down the basement stairs

Christmas Eve,

His egg nog balanced perfectly unspilled on the second step,

Him at the bottom,

Staring broken-necked at the dryer.

These things happen, said the firemen,

Snapping their gurney open smartly and removing him on it too soon,

Before she'd had the chance to sleep with half of them.

No wonder their alarms keep going off

At exactly midnight in the firehouse

When there is no emergency

And the telephones make that awful off-the-hook whining noise

Inside their heads.

All I'm trying to say,

Is if you come to stay,

Kiss her softly,

Welcome her crossed ankles across your back,

And remember--

There's plenty of time to fill your lungs in the sunrise,

Hours from now,

Haunted and scented like last night's candle,

Rolled out the back door

And into the light.



Cloudia said...

The spirits are strong tonight

moondustwriter said...

Those working women...

Gosh Shay - I'm staying away from Eggnog, stairs, wax dummies (I mean men)

moonie hugs

signed...bkm said...

He should have known better...little mercy for an eggnog drinker...bkm

Neva Flores said...

Wow Shay! This one is off the chain awesome!

hedgewitch said...

Thinkin the candles might smell just a little bit of sulphur under the the possessed phones and the possessive spirits and she who seems so comfortable in their alien house.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

HOL-EE BROWN SPOTTED COW!!!! How do you DO this? I most especially love "haunted and scented like last night's candle".


Totally off the charts.



Joanne said...

Exactly, Sherry, totally off the charts. Golden.

TALON said...

The last two lines...chilling and lyrical and wrapping it all up beautifully.

Fabulous writing, Shay.

Desert Rose said...

WOW..BRILLIANT writing shay! too out of the world girl! I AM IN AWE, loved the hidden lines which were screaming in candle lights..MARVELOUS!

Lynn said...

Very cool, Shay.

Mama Zen said...

Damn, this is good.

Shadow said...

just leave her to do what she must...

Jannie Funster said...

Firemen must have those dreams and thoughts, yes.

I too will forever be changed by the candle line, Shay.

Freaking awesome, Poet Of The Century.


moondustwriter said...

Sending a whole pot of Java your way

just because...

mac said...

Yes, he fell.

Helen said...

Awesome .......

Sara said...

Shay -- the imagery in this one is excellent. Your words dare to take dark and dangerous and make them come together into a love story:~)

Lisa said...

I got stuck back at the eggnog. Was really happy it didn't spill.

Sometimes with poetry i'm pretty sure i'm missing the plot.