Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Passionate Gypsy To Her Love

I am always the red leaf on the green tree--

The odd wildflower that turns up in the garden.

I have learned to spot trouble from a mile away--

I get ready to fight.

I will bite and draw blood without apology,

But I am still more lost dog than wolf,

And as sweet by nature.

As I have gotten older,

If there is a different fish in the stream, it will swim into my hand;

If there is a ring around the moon, it will rise over my house,

And the spirits laugh at the jars I hang from the trees to catch them.

I am the shaded rain drop among the clear--

The Queen of Funnels in your stolen deck.

I do not see things the same.

When I was younger, my visions scared me--

They swirled and never slept.

Now they are as familiar as a house cat,

And roughly as biddable.

When I look at you at night as you sleep,

I use the spooky yellow eyes of my dreams.

I am a gypsy and the road is long--

There is always a red sky in the morning,

But nobody could ever tell me anything.

Nobody could stop me, once I picked up my skirts and put my head down.

What I'm trying to tell you, sweetheart, is

It's the weather inside my skin that creates the roadside that I see.

There will always be haints and hurricanes there--

But when I shake my hair and speak your name,

When I feel that sweet flush from thinking of you, or seeing you swaying like a sunflower to some music on the air,

There is beauty in my world.

There is some notion of a resting place and a delicious trembling,

Whether from laughter or desire.

These things are there because you are,

And so I thank you, darling mine,

From the bottom of my crazy gypsy soul.


for One Shoot Sunday

picture by KJ Halliday


Sherry Blue Sky said...

This is such an incredibly wonderful poem of love and self revelation. I especially love: "more lost dog than wolf", the spirits laughing at the jars, "the spooky yellow eyes of my dreams", and - most brilliant - "it's the weather inside my skin that creates the roadside I see" and the tender way you explain "what I'm trying to tell you, sweetheart". This is all so beautiful. A person loved by you is a lucky someone.

ellen abbott said...


hedgewitch said...

A mystical beginning, an amazing second third & fourth stanza full of light and mixed with mature personal insight, and a finish of pure lilting romantic love. The second stanza though, is the heart of it for me: "As I have gotten older/If there is a different fish in the stream, it will swim into my hand..." going on to the spirits...who were surely with you when you wrote this.

dustus said...

"I am the shaded rain drop among the clear-- / The Queen of Funnels in your stolen deck. / I do not see things the same."
It's that expression of difference that adds even greater beauty to the ending... I have to start coming up with new ways to say you're awesome

Claudia said...

being different is hard but you have turned it into a thick and fat plus factor and found the one who gives you rest - that's awesome.
i like your style of writing shay - i like the honesty and directness and my fav in this was..And the spirits laugh at the jars I hang from the trees to catch them..

Helen said...

you turn everything upside down and create perfect balance

Marion said...

Huzzah! I'm in awe of your talent. Your words shine. xoxo

Susannah said...

Brilliant and so very, very beautiful!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Back to read it again and, like Hedgewitch, the "as I grow older stanza" really resonates with me. Such amazing writing, such a joy and wonder to read your work every day!

Lisa said...


moondustwriter said...

I can hear the timbrel of the gypsy in every word Shay.

Remarkable - like you!!!

were you trying to import Zombies to the Moon????

Zombie Moon smiles (muhahaha)

Anonymous said...

Deep and unrelenting. Excellent touch fireblossom

Carmela-J said...

This was so beautifully descriptive and rich in imagery. Love the hopeful and inspiring ending, and such a wonderful journey to get there. Another great write.

Anonymous said...

Vivid and delightful - it brims with hope and celebrates the individual, the "difference" factor. A mature piece touched by the romantic, stacked with beautiful images and sentiments. It builds, and builds well upon itself, to reach that oh-so-potent conclusion. Thank you for sharing the depths of that "crazy gypsy soul"!

jen revved said...

Fireblossom on true again-- you are amazing. No patient etherized upon a table in this one--it burns hot...xxxj

Lisa said...

Had to come back for a re-read. Beautiful and special. You are someone worth loving and hopefully all the darlings in your lifetime see that.


Kerry O'Connor said...

What a beautifully imaginative response to the photo. I was transported to a surreal place, with your remarkable descriptive writing.

Mama Zen said...

You bring the beauty to our world. This is truly extraordinary. And, so are you.

Anonymous said...


the poem and the poetess


Joanna Jenkins said...

You nailed that one perfectly! I bow to your greatness. This is beautiful.

Cheers, jj

Mama Abby said...

what they said;) and I love how she comes to life and I really, really like her too:)

TALON said...

She lives and breathes, Shay. Awesome!

mac said...

Clearly, you are the red leaf on a green tree. You stand out !


LulĂș said...

Romantic and sexy...this one is as fiery as the text color! I love it!!

Shadow said...

and it's just that difference that makes you so interesting. alluring. beautiful!

Lynn said...

So gorgeous. And I love the line: "And the spirits laugh at the jars I hang from the trees to catch them." I'll bet the spirits do laugh at us.

Daryl said...

I love your crazy gypsy soul

Tess Kincaid said...

Beautiful. My daughter calls herself a gypsy. I'm sending this to her.

Cloudia said...

You channel a deeep and ancient poetry of human-ness

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral



La Belette Rouge said...

You are a marvel. Your talent is awesome. And, I must tell you, I am always drawn to that red leaf. That tiger/gypsy/red leaf is what makes you extraordinary. And I feel so privileged to witness your dreams, visions, and caught spirits.
Much love,
Your Weasel-friend

Jannie Funster said...

TG you are different and not afraid to share it.

Hope the weather inside your skin is treating you well today.