Saturday, January 1, 2011


Kali comes to me
In shell necklace and rings--
She stands by the water
By the water, and sings
For sailors and the water
And the bones that it brings.

Come, Kali, come
To my cove near the beach--
My cove by the water
Where we'll sing each to each;
Sing to each other
And share the split peach...

Kali is gone
But the peach it was sweet--
And the bones from the water
Lay smooth at my feet;
Smooth at my feet
And sharp at my heart--
The sailors cry, Kali,
From far down the deep.


Did you read this morning's poem, The Lycanthrope? If you didn't, go read it. I'll know if you don't, and I'll put a big black mark by your name in my awful little book.

photo: Kate Beckinsale


Sioux Roslawski said...

"And the bones that it brings," and "far down the deep." I don't quite know why, but those two phrases are so sad, and embody the pull of the sea, the sirens that lead sailors to their death, the mystery of the ocean.


Mama Zen said...

No, no! Not the awful little book!

This sings.

hedgewitch said...

Each line matches its mate so perfectly in this. And you can almost forget that Kali is a goddess of death...til the last lines.

Lynn said...

Gorgeous. And I fear the black book. :)

moondustwriter said...

no black mark by my name - oh please!!!

glub glub glub

Sherry Blue Sky said...

This does sing. And I cant believe you can do two masterpieces in one single day. Is that even legal? "the bones that it brings" and "the sharp at my heart"-great lines. I love the rhythm of this poem.

Anonymous said...

Great poem! I love that it reads like a classic. You move so smoothly through mythology.


TALON said...

This reads as a song...I actually had a melody running through my mind as I read it...

Beautiful, Shay!

Gabriella Moonlight said...

As always amazing and phenomenal. Like you!! This one sings to my heart and makes my soul sweep off it's own two feet!!!

xox G

signed...bkm said...

love the sound to this and the mythology...oh no I am going to read the other one right now....Happy New Year...bkm

Boonie S said...

I love the rhythm of this, and also your very creative use of words. Thanks for bringing this to us.
Take care.

All the best, Boonie

Lisa said...

It's getting harder to read actual books before bed. Night night! xx

Shadow said...

beauty in motion...

ellen abbott said...

I'm loving this one. when I was driving my volvo (poor thing finally got too decrepit) on the windshield wiper handle was Kali and on the blinker handle was Ganesh. I figured it was the perfect balance for driving.

Jhon Baker said...

excellent combination of words and image.