Sunday, January 30, 2011


On a dead planet with nine moons
I said,
This cannot stand.
This will never do.
He said,
Is it the constant storms?
Is it the greenless wastes where nothing ever grew?
I said no dear,
Not that, dear...
It's you.

Nine moons around my head
Nine pentagrams around my bed
Can't watch or pray
The devil away
I keep her close and my hatred fed.

The lightning flashes and strikes at last
And all this sand is turned to glass--
It cuts me
And splits me
Now I think
It may be

That there are ten of me
Or ten thousand,
Ten million,
And each with its own little coal black heart--
Never to forgive you.
Never to part.


for One Shoot Sunday


Mama Zen said...

Oh, this is a wicked piece! I like.

hedgewitch said...

Totally agree with MZ--a wicked and delightfully sneaky piece that worms its way into your brain and then plants its evil seed of fragmentation and the devil within. The first stanza is meticulously perfect, and the rhymes throughout thump things home with a vengeance.

dustus said...

The end of each line has a bite to it—overall a poetic feast. Great conceptually, as well as in the execution of ideas.

Hannah Stephenson said...

Splintering and disintegration...

I just noticed your little slogan under the image on the right ("no anime, no haiku, no curfew"). That is awesome--did you invent that?

ellen abbott said...

sounds painful.

Claudia said...

i feel splintered..was it the constant storm then or the greenless wastes...? i can't tell...

TALON said...

Yikes - this one smoulders, Shay.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Wowzers. Speechless. Your writing is that good. You should be in print. There has been a serious oversight somewhere!!

Raven said...

Awesome! Especially the last three lines.

Maureen said...

The first stanza can stand on its own.

Brian Miller said...

no its you...snap! wicked bite shay...dont get cut up too much on that glass...

Caty said...

love your take on the picture!

mac said...

Reading this, I found myself singing (mumbling?) Devil Inside by INXS.
You make me feel, Shay.

Anonymous said...

whew! this one really packs a punch, Shay ~ striking and powerful. especially LOVE this verse:

"The lightning flashes and strikes at last
And all this sand is turned to glass--
It cuts me
And splits me
Now I think
It may be"

exceptional one shoot! dani ♥

LulĂș said...

I didn't expect that..."not that,'s you" part. Ha! This is a fiery one, Shay...nice. :)

Joanna Jenkins said...

Oh, oh, oh-- That was terrific. I especially like how it built to the closing lines.
Have a great week, xo jj

moondustwriter said...

Death warmed over
me thinks ...

Gosh Shay - quelle magnifique

Shadow said...

love the devil inside you that pens words such as these.

Lisa said...

omg, this is awesome :D evil wench you.... ;)

La Belette Rouge said...

Because of your teaching me about the 9 in Tarot made me understand this poem at a deeper level. I love how you use sound in this poem. I read it aloud and it was even better when I read it silently to myself. Any chance you will take to doing video readings like Hannah does? I hope you do. I would love to hear you read.

Ami Mattison said...

I'm splintered! All those coal black hearts...what a fabulous ending. And the first stanza is great. Love the rhyme.