Thursday, January 6, 2011

Worldes Blis

In the time of the black death,

There were still little silly white clouds,

Floating overhead like some sort of joke.

On the day of the ergot fungus,

The bread brought visions,


And the violent jerks of St. Vitus' dance.

Leave off your washing--

You'll only have to burn it all anyway.

Meet me in the fields,

By the road where the Duchess's carriage lies tilted and empty in the ditch.

I have a half a loaf of rye,

And all afternoon to spend.

Come kiss me.

Use your tongue.

I already know you're contagious, and that I am infected;

We can lie here on our backs,

Watching the clouds, and our hallucinations.

If we don't die first,

I will tell you that I love you.

It's true, but

You can laugh, and blame fever or psychosis,

If you're even still answering me

At all.


"Worldes Blis" is a 12th century chant, which says, essentially, "earthly joys don't last for long." You can't really dance to it.



Tess Kincaid said...

Earthy little piece. I like that you've tagged it with "merde"!

Marion said...

I agree with Tess, earthy and luscious. I could see the clouds and feel the heat in this one. Just perfect, Shay.

Love & Blessings,

Neva Flores said...


Daryl said...

Even tho you cant dance to it, I give it a 10 .. ;-)

Lynn said...

You have the best tags to go with you poems, which remind me of dreams.

ellen abbott said...

what a way to go.

Brian Miller said...

when nothing matters any more, our real selves rise to the surface?

hedgewitch said...

Nothing like waking up to a little Black Death...what a cameo of the human--when faced with annihilation, go out affirming life/what matters most. I liked the picture of the duchess' carriage overturned in the background,also. A hallucinatory concoction, all the way.

Everyday Goddess said...

i would have.

Helen said...

Perfect marriage of image and words.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Wow. I loved reading this olde tale this morning. Love the tilted carriage and the explanation of the chant. How do you know so many things? You are quite an amazement. Your writing is flawless. Every single time.

TALON said...

Learning something new today. Thank you, Shay. The chant is we must make the most of what we have in every given moment - which leads to that throwing of all caution (even emotionally fragile caution) to the winds...

Mama Zen said...

See, that's why I come here to be uplifted; you never disappoint. I shall now go forth and do good. Unicorns!

Carmela-J said...

In all the darkness this has a lovely message about seizing the day. Enjoy the concept a lot.

g-man said...

I don't know about the tongue part!
The rest is So perfectly Fireblossom...Perfect!

jen revved said...

beautiful, mysterious: powerful, o night sister! xxxj