A Progression Of Responses Upon Receiving A Love Poem From Shay

  • Wow! Can I read it right now?
  • Wow. Can I read it later?
  • Wow. In a minute. I want to watch this commercial.
  • Wow, I can't stop yawning!
  • Wow. Maybe some time next week.
  • Nice sentence structure.
  • Wow. It has sentences.
  • I read the first sentence.
  • I must have lost it.
  • Get lost, Shay.
  • Zzzzz.

a 55 for the G Man.


  1. You might underestimate the power of your love poems!

  2. Oh sorry, I'm supposed to respond?

    This is obviously Fiction!
    No one that breathes and can read English would EVER disregard an overture of affection from you!!

    You create from your beautifully Romantic Soul Shay, and if you offer that and it's ignored....
    They are way too stupid for you!

    You have NO idea how giddy you make me by playing. I appreciate it more than you know.
    Thank You Oh Mistress of Mirth.
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End.

    Oooops, I almost forgot...


  3. clearly you sent you love missive to the wrong foolish person ...

  4. you forgot 'quit stalking me!'.

    just kidding.

  5. well if i got a love poem from shay...i would first inhale it...the words are secondary...smiles

  6. What a fabulous 55! I can't imagine anyone not wanting to immediately read anything you gave to them.

  7. All I can say is the poem you wrote for ME (not a love poem, I know) is framed and hanging in my writing room...

    Maybe she falls asleep now because you write a gross of them every day. ;)

  8. Of course, it is. And I am smiling at your labels too ~

    Happy Friday ~

  9. LOL

    And even this, somehow, makes a lovely poem...

  10. No way any of these could ever happen! Envy the lovely miss who is the recipient of a poem from you ... just for her.

  11. Nope. Not possible. Would never happen. Really funny though!

  12. self denigrate much?
    Wait! It's an indictment of US, isn't it?!

    Your fans & acolytes!

    Not acolyte - y enough for you, mz genius poet??? huh?!

    Wait - What?

    Sending Aloha to YOU
    from Honolulu,
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° >

  13. It's just a little bit of silliness, Cloudia. You know I love my readers. :-)

  14. i DON'T believe it! anyone who would tell you to get lost will have me to deal with, Sis!

  15. Love poems are the ultimate especially when they're juicy!! Creatively so though... I got lost in writing one today and had to pull lines that were "appropriate," for the piece I offered earlier! I don't think people write true love poems to their lovers as much as they should.

  16. The poem you wrote for me is hanging proudly in my art room. Your poems are never ZZZZZ....

  17. This is NOT Flash Non-Fiction, Shay. ;P

  18. Speaking of which, I'd love to see a poem here all sentimental and cheezy from you :)

    Oh, and thank you for responding on the Cheetah poem. My daughter wrote most of it by herself (I helped a teeny tiny bit - made her read up on them :)

    My oldest son is a poet and has a poet's heart. My third daughter loves to play a bit with it as well. She was so thrilled to read what you wrote.


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