Questions Under An Oklahoma Sky

What happens when even the ghosts can't go back,

when the poison is so deep in the land that

even the memories go blind?

What happens when the streets are empty

the windows empty

the feeling empty

when you can't go back

and neither can the heartbeat that's gone from this place

never to come back

not for a thousand years?



  1. You put your stock in pioneers, those who think there's something preferable to the dismal place they torched.

  2. that opening question really sets the tone for this piece shay...feels so desolate between the words...a thoughtfulness though as well...

  3. I too have wondered, Shay.
    Nice simplicity and gravity

    Aloha from Honolulu,
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° >

  4. death of a town - for profit. how many more before we destroy ourselves?

  5. The voice here could be Job in front of God but redirected to the here and now where we answer . . . what? "Last Days: Hide and Seek" swells up and rolls past "it's all for the best." Spare and direct.

  6. You've explored this topic before if I recall correctly--this is just one town of many many in our history that have been ruined and makes a metaphor for some lives, some dead poisoned hearts as well, but what I feel most strongly here is just the feeling of a chance lost, or more accurately, taken away, before it could bear fruit. Mournful, and haunting.

  7. you hold tight to the memories

  8. "even the memories go blind". The photo and the poem together really speak to the "heartbeat that's gone from this place". This poem makes me feel like it's a hot dusty dry summer day and I am passing thru a desolate ghost town. So atmospheric. Fantastic, kiddo.

  9. Haunting, mesmerizing ... the video and your poem. I was struck by the vivid blue of the Pepsi presence. I also saw a charming cottage (my little dream) needing a re-hab. So sad.

  10. There is something deeply disturbing about a community disbanded due to local poisoning of the environment - so contrary to survival of the species and the ethics of humankind... But I guess I'm just naive to question the priority of economics.

  11. In St. Louis we have a place called "TImes Beach" that was "poisoned" by people, and was taken over by men in HazMat suits. Now, decades later, it is a park. The people had to move, and a community died...

  12. Your repetition of "back" and "empty" is very effective.

  13. Sad, yet poignant and really makes one think. The video was very nice, too. Thank you for sharing.


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