"When Limpid Light Upon Mine Eyes Shines Weary" by Pontificus Henry Bookfield, 1892

How blah, the blah of the Immortals,
When blahs spread ever blah-like
O'er sylvan blah and hellish blah alike!

Blahs, doth blah emblah us
To take up Blahian blahments,
Even as Blah himself did
In that oft-blahed time,

E'er blah set the human heart
Against its very blahhood?
Blah again, Blahnanians! Blahlujiah! Excelsior!

Note: Believed lost for more than three decades, a nearly illegible copy of "When Limpid Light Upon Mine Eyes Shines Weary" was discovered at the bottom of Lady Philpott-Tewksbury's handbag when she expired from split ends in 1933. Her nephew, Aldous Tewksbury Smythe, painstakingly restored P.H. Bookfield's legendary poem. Unfortunately, he died fifteen minutes after completing the restoration in 1976. The beautifully restored manuscript now hangs in the British Museum of Interesting Debris, where it can be viewed and admired by all.

A 55 for the G Man  


  1. my favorite: Blahlujiah!

    i signed some christmas cards this year with 'blah humbug'. :)

  2. I love the sweet chiming illiteration Bookfield utilizes so adeptly here throughout his masterpiece, and Tewksbury's restoration is a gift to humanity unto the blahed generation--and beyond. The touch of compassion and Divine Blahness is especially moving, and is so powerful it could suck the chrome off a bumper, as could Lady Tewksbury, or so I've heard. Thank you for sharing with us impoverished Americans who cannot afford transatlantic trips to the Museum of Ornate Detritus.

  3. OMG!!!
    You're gonna find this hard to believe, but...I GET IT!!!
    I have FINALLY understood something that you have penned!!
    (Writhes and twists around the floor in rapture)
    My mission on this Earth is done!

    Just kidding, I have miles to go before I Blah, miles to Blah before I sleep...
    Loved your Kinda Englandy 55 Shay.
    Don't you DARE think that I'm not loving your playing these last few weeks. I'll take it while I can...
    You Rock Shaysie, have a Kick Ass Week-End

  4. Blahlujiah!That was brilliant!

  5. Blahsundheit!!!!!!! I dont know what I enjoyed more, your poem (how do you THINK UP this stuff??) or the comments. Hilarious, all of it. I laughed out loud for real.

  6. blah blah blah
    blah blah
    blah blah blah


    you are def fun shay.

  7. I am over-blahed! The "Note" just about undid me. How DO you think up these things?

  8. Very fine, with note, of course. Great fun. This one makes me think of Ambrose Bierce, known for his Devil's Dictionary among other satires.

  9. Do you mix equal parts of Bailey's with your Bolthouse? ;)

    Dead from split ends...I loved it all.

  10. Oh my translations are so Blah-zay!

  11. Blah-ha-ha-ha-ha! Blahing brilliant!

  12. Absolutely nothing blah about this!

  13. This made me laugh! But what must it be like inside your mind?!

  14. blah blah blahness...loved it, Shay!

  15. blahhood - definitely a quality of many and of many things...
    :-) :-) :-)
    Brilliant, Shay!

  16. 'expired from split ends'...dang, you're funny. I don't know if it's true but I did hear the Scots have loaned the museum scales from the Blahchness Monster too.

  17. Sounds dreadfully English to me!

  18. This is so perfect, Shay! I love love love the comments, especially G-man's. It brings it all back for me, and for that I truly thank you. Plus it's just hilarious, of course. You have made the weekend, Miss Tewksbury-FarBlahssom the Third, and it kicks delightfully refined ass.

  19. This is blahtastic Shay!! Love it!!!! 🤩🤣

  20. I laughed out loud again, especially at the woman who died of split ends. Especially apt at this moment in time. And the comments are a hoot too. You carve your own path and that is good. No one can match you.

  21. I'm hoping there's a recording, so I can play it through my Blahpunkt speakers.... ~


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