Wreath Around The Moon

I'm the ballerina in the open air,
the broken neck at the bottom of the stair;
I want to kiss your breast,
be your baby and
Best In Show,

I want to know what it means to
be the coffee on your lips
and the color of the tile beneath your toes.

I want to step out on the stage
like a rose wreath around the moon,

I want us to slide on down to Austin
by train, in a storm,

where you'll call me Cat Mama Honey,
check us in, and lock the door.


  1. I want to know what it means to
    be the coffee on your lips

    Wonderful, wonderful love poem, Shay.

  2. Love it! the 2nd stanza is pure honey or should i say coffee? :D

  3. Love the simplicity of this one. It captured the simple non-complexity of where I was during the period of time
    When that 1957 Chevy Belaire was popular that is depicted in your prompt.

    Gracias, mi Amiga!

    I'm sending this with my Kindle fire because my computer is still in the 'geek' shop being repaired.

  4. I wanna be there when Cat Mama Honey starts to Purrrrr...

  5. p.s. love the red-headed step children in the labels!

  6. Don't know where my eyeballs were earlier but totally missed this tender and loving vignette, where the loved being is almost more real as a dream than the speaker.

    And my hair was actually starting to sprout again...

  7. This has "song lyrics" written all over it. Why not try to send it to your favorite artists?


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